Circles App for Social Boundaries and Relationships

The Circles App is noted to be an “essential tool for social skills learning, especially for kids, teens, and young adults with special needs, intellectual disabilities, and individuals on the autism spectrum.”  The app uses a colorful, interactive relationship graph to teach many areas of social skills. The ultimate goal of the app is to […]

Octopus by Joy

Children with special needs often require frequent prompting to complete tasks.  I often discuss different smartwatches and other wearables on our blog, but the Octopus by Joy is an all new watch providing many benefits to children with special needs.  Octopus is noted to be training wheels for good habits and is the first “icon-based watch […]

Harry the Sensory Hedgehog

If you ever watch TV, I’m sure you’ve seen several different types of stuffed animal infomercials.  More recently I’ve seen reversible ones and even scented ones!  Fun and Function has developed their own furry animal named Harry the Sensory Hedgehog.  Harry the Sensory Hedgehog is a “truly functional sensory tool” developed for individuals with autism, […]

PenFriend 2 Voice Labeling System

Individuals who are blind or visually impaired may often need assistance finding specific items around their home or office.  The PenFriend 2 is designed to make their lives easier as it is a voice labeling system that allows users to label anything and everything with discreet audio labels in their own voice. The PenFriend 2 is […]

EyeOn App

“Help!  I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of this commercial advertising a button you can wear if you are living independently and at-risk.  A newer app, called EyeOn, takes this same concept, but works through your smartphone so you no longer have to wear a button on your […]

FreeSpeech – Build Language and Learn Grammar

Looking for an affordable way to practice your English language skills?  FreeSpeech is noted on the App Store to be the “#1 Best New App!”  It is an app developed to help users explore the English language.  It is a unique experience for children of all ages and abilities, and is especially ideal for visual […]