Lifesaver Emergency Cell Phone

The Lifesaver Emergency Cell Phone is a cell phone designed for individuals with cognitive, fine motor, or mobility disabilities. When you press the large red button which, the phone is automatically connected to a 911 emergency personnel. Adding a SIM card (not included) enables the user to make calls like any other cell phone. The […]

Lighted Cane from Pathlighter

The Lighted Cane from Pathlighter has a bright white light that illuminates your surroundings. The bottom half of the cane is clear and when you push the button on the handle, a light shines through the cane. The light covers a 3′ to 4.5′ diameter. This is helpful in situations like walking down stairs to the […]

Monday Tech Tip: Braille Pen 12

  Carol Girt, an Equipment Specialist at the INDATA Project, explains and demonstrates the uses of the  Braille Pen 12. This device can be connected to Apple and Android devices to input data using Braille. Having trouble viewing the video? Click here! Click here to visit our archived videos.

4 Apps for Captioning Movies

Captionfish Captionfish is the Internet’s leading captioned movies search engine that shares information about open captioned and descriptively narrated movies showings in the United States. Captionfish also features streaming captioned trailers that allow deaf and  people with hearing impairments to enjoy the very same previews of current and upcoming movies as their hearing counterparts. Last […]

Total Control Scissors from Fiskars

Fiskars’ Total Control® Scissors are designed to teach kids how to properly grip a pair of scissors and learn to cut. These scissors are particularly useful for people with physical disabilities that limit their use and control of their hands. Since this product features three finger loops instead of two, the scissors could also be useful […]

2 AT Prototypes that are Changing Lives

Emerging technology is changing the way people with disabilities live their lives.  The EyeRing gives blind people a new way to “see” the world and Haier’s Eye-Controlled TV allows people with mobility disabilities to operate a television independently. EyeRing  Developed by a team called Fluid Interfaces at MIT’s Media Lab, EyeRing recognizes object details for people who […]