Free Public Online Dyslexia Library

  Dynaread Special Education Corporation offers an extensive online dyslexia library for free public use. The Dynaread library offers articles and videos about dyslexia and related learning disabilities. The latest addition to the Dynaread library is the Ivona text-to-speech technology which allows people not only to read, but also to listen to all the articles in the […]

Deep Pressured Weighted Products for Kids with Autism

These fun new “plush” weights that sit on shoulders and nuzzle around necks are great for calming kids. This self-regulating tool provides deep pressure on a child’s shoulders and can be highly effective in helping to calm and focus childrens’ nervous systems. The 2.2 lb., 21″ snuggly animal shaped plush toys come in different colors […]


WheelMate helps wheelchair users find clean, accessible toilets and parking spaces.  When traveling from home, it can be challenging to plan a journey and WheelMate is designed to change that. Visit the website and simply type in your location. The web-based program then shows a map with icons for all the accessible parking spaces and […]