couchcane with chair


Many individuals aging in place and more may have a difficult time standing up from a seated position on a couch.  Fortunately, there are products like the CouchCane to help with this task.  The CouchCane provides extra stability while sitting or standing from a couch or chair with its versatile and practical design. Here’s more […]

foot funnel insertion example

Put shoes on more easily with FootFunnel

A person with a disability, injury, or aging may find it painful or impossible to bend over to slide his or her shoes on.  Fortunately, there are products like the FootFunnel to assist in this task.  The FootFunnel is a compact, lightweight tool engineered to assist in the process of putting on shoes without the […]

vivE health sock assist and remover

Sock Assist and Remover

Bending down to reach one’s feet to slide socks on can be painful or impossible for many people due to age, injury, or disability. Enter Vive Health’s Sock Assist and Remover.  Just as the name suggests, the Sock Assist and Remover is a user-friendly device designed to simplify the process of putting on and taking […]

MedCenter Talking One-Month Medication Organizer

MedCenter Talking One Month Medication Organizer

For those with multiple prescriptions and schedules, managing medication can be challenging.  If a dose is missed or the timing is incorrect, it may lead to reduced effectiveness and potential health risks.  Fortunately, there are products like the MedCenter Talking One Month Pill Organizer to help ensure individuals never miss a dose again! This comprehensive […]

magnilink vision video magnifier example

MagniLink Vision Video Magnifier

In today’s world, technology plays a pivotal role in making life easier and more accessible for people of all abilities.  One example of this is MagniLink Vision, a revolutionary assistive technology designed to empower individuals with visual impairments. Through its innovative features and user-friendly interface, MagniLink Vision is transforming the way visually impaired individuals interact […]

Girl with Myoshirt pointing

Myoshirt Assists Arm Function in Daily Living

There are many reasons why a person’s arm or upper limb function may be impaired. Whether caused by acquired or congenital disorders or common aging, having limited arm function can make activities of daily living a challenge. That’s where the Myoshirt comes in. This modular, soft, wearable robot supports both shoulder stability and mobility. Assistive […]