eazense fall detection system

Eazense Fall Detection System

Looking for a fall detection system for you or a loved one?  Eazense is a passive, real-time fall detection system that utilizes “new, unique” radar sensor technology with artificial intelligence. Unlike most other fall detection systems, Eazense doesn’t require the user to wear a wearable.  In addition to sensing falls, the system can also monitor […]

reminder rosie 2 alarm clock

Reminder Rosie 2 – Alarm Clock, Voice Reminder Assistant

We originally wrote about Reminder Rosie several years ago.  Now, there is an all-new model: introducing Reminder Rosie 2!  Reminder Rosie 2 is an alarm clock that doubles as a voice reminder assistant. Reminder Rosie 2 boasts an “extra-large display” with 2-inch LED numbers, making it ideal for individuals with low vision.  With Reminder Rosie […]

Keeping Seniors Connected through COVID and Beyond

National Senior Citizens Day is particularly important to recognize this month, as we head toward a major spike in the aging population. According to the World Health Organization, there were 200 million people over 60 years old in 1950; by 2000, that number tripled to nearly 600 million; by 2025, it is estimated there will […]

walabot home fall detector alert system

Walabot HOME Fall Detection System

Did you know 1 in 4 adults aging in place fall every year?  Unfortunately, only a fraction of them has a medical alert device or caregiver when they fall.  If you’re looking for something to help detect falls and notify emergency contact(s), check out the Walabot HOME Fall Detection System. Walabot HOME automatically detects falls […]

help dialer 247 emergency system

Help Dialer 24/7 System

Assistive Technology Services (ATS) is a company offering several solutions to help individuals live as independently as possible.  One of their available products is the Help Dialer 24/7 System.  The Help Dialer 24/7 System features 2 panic buttons: one wrist panic button and a necklace panic button.  Whenever you press the button on one of […]

e-pill 6 alarm pocket medication reminder

6 Alarm Pocket Medication Reminder

If you’re looking for a way to remember to take your medications, E-Pill offers a solution.  E-Pill’s 6 Alarm Pocket Medication Reminder reminds you to take your medications up to six times per day. This easy-to-use device fits perfectly in your pocket or purse so you can carry it with you wherever you go.  Setting […]