patriot viewpoint vr visual impairments

Patriot Viewpoint

Last week I wrote about Vision Buddy, which is the world’s “first TV watching wearable headset virtual reality system for individuals with visual impairments.” Another VR headset available for those with visual impairments is the Patriot Viewpoint. According to the product’s website: “This wearable Samsung virtual reality technology lets you be completely hands-free while doing […]

vision buddy VR tv watching system

Vision Buddy TV Watching System

If you or a loved one have low vision and are looking for a way to watch television, check out Vision Buddy!  According to Vision Buddy’s website, it is the “world’s first tv-focused assistive device for the visually impaired.” To use the device, plug the Vision Buddy Streamer into an existing cable box, streamer, or […]

sm music reader logo

SM Music Reader

Sao Mai Vocational and Assistive Technology Center for the Blind is a nonprofit organization founded in 2001.  One of their main missions is to “empower the blind by using and developing assistive technology in education, employment, and daily living activities.”  This nonprofit developed SM Music Reader, an app that allows users – with or without […]

brailliant BI 40X

Brailliant BI 40X Braille Display

Yesterday I wrote about the Mantis Q40, which is a first-of-its-kind integrated keyboard and refreshable Braille display.  Another new product from HumanWare is the Brailliant BI 40X Braille Display. According to its description, the Brailliant BI 40X Braille Display is the “faster, stronger, future-forward Braille display.”  This refreshable 40-cell Braille display will “double your pairing […]

mantis q40 braille display

Mantis Q40 Braille Display

HumanWare is a Canadian-based company that was founded in 1988.  The company’s mission is to “develop solutions enabling people living with visual impairment, vision loss, and even learning disabilities to develop their potential and maintain their autonomy.”  One of their newest products is the Mantis Q40, which is a first-of-its-kind integrated keyboard and refreshable Braille […]

reminder rosie 2 alarm clock

Reminder Rosie 2 – Alarm Clock, Voice Reminder Assistant

We originally wrote about Reminder Rosie several years ago.  Now, there is an all-new model: introducing Reminder Rosie 2!  Reminder Rosie 2 is an alarm clock that doubles as a voice reminder assistant. Reminder Rosie 2 boasts an “extra-large display” with 2-inch LED numbers, making it ideal for individuals with low vision.  With Reminder Rosie […]