Tactile Wet Measuring Spoons, Pitcher, and Funnel

Yesterday I wrote about the Boil Alert Disc listed on the Blind Kitchen’s website.  Their website also features a set of wet measuring spoons, a small pitcher, and a mini funnel that makes measuring liquids “simple and accurate, with less waste and mess.” The wet measuring spoons are easy to identify because of the tactile […]

Boil Alert Disc

The Blind Kitchen is a website featuring many adaptive tools, helpful strategies, and specialized knowledge for individuals with visual impairments.  One of the adaptive products listed on their website is the Boil Alert Disc.   The Boil Alert Disc assists in preventing messy boil-overs by creating a rattling noise to help you know when the food […]

cash reader bill identifying app logo

Cash Reader: Bill Identifier

If you’re looking for an app to help identify bills, check out Cash Reader.  Cash Reader is a money-reading mobile app designed specifically for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.  To use the app, simply point your phone’s camera at almost any banknote and instantly hear the value.  If you want to be more […]

esight go electronic glasses

eSight Go Electronic Glasses

There are many wearables or electronic glasses available to help individuals with visual impairments be able to see more clearly.  eSight Go glasses are “lightweight, sleek, and comfortable” electronic glasses that you can wear for indoor or outdoor activities.  eSight Go glasses feature a small, high-speed high-definition camera that captures everything you’re looking at.   According […]

Sullivan+ app with icon

Explore Your Surroundings with Sullivan+

Do you or someone you know have difficulty visualizing surroundings, viewing the contents of documents or recognizing colors? There’s an app that can help! Sullivan+ is a visual-aid app by TUAT Co. to enhance the accessibility of visually-impaired and low-vision users. It works through your smartphone camera to act as a visual aid when exploring […]

Taptilo 4.0 Braille learning device

Learn Braille with Taptilo 4.0

Taptilo is a smart braille device that makes it “fun and easy” to learn braille.  Braille beginners can learn braille patterns with the interactive braille display and audio feedback. According to the device’s website, “Learning braille with Taptilo significantly reduces the average learning period! The average learning period decreases a half, compared to the traditional […]