Phone with Way Around app

WayAround Assists People with Vision Loss

Much of the way we perceive and understand the world is through our eyes. In fact, in one study, 88 percent of participants ranked vision as their most valued sense. For the at least 2.2 billion people around the world who have a near or distance vision impairment, accessing the world and getting information often […]

sony a7 IV camera with built-in screen reader

Sony A7 IV Screen Reader Feature

There are several photographers who experience some sort of visual impairment.  Unfortunately, several camera menus are inaccessible making cameras difficult to navigate independently.  The Sony A7 IV is on a mission to change that with a newer, exciting feature: a built-in screen reader.   The screen reader is available by going to Menu > Setup > […]

braille scanner app logo

Braille Scanner App

There are so many apps available to help individuals with visual impairments.  If you’re looking for an app that translates Braille to text, check out the Braille Scanner app.   Braille Scanner allows users to take a photo of a piece of paper with Braille on it using their iPhones, and then within seconds, it’s translated […]

rollova 2.0 digital ruler large OLED display

Rollova 2.0 Digital Ruler

Whether you’re measuring space in your living room to make sure a couch fits, or to see how wide a shirt is, people mostly use a tape measure for these tasks.  However, tape measures (or rulers, etc.) are manual and require using both hands.  If you’re looking for a newer, easier way to measure something, […]

myfinder app logo

MyFinder App

A newer artificial intelligence (AI) app is available to help individuals with visual impairments.  MyFinder is a free-to-download iOS app that allows users to hear surrounding objects, text and scene descriptions, and more. Here’s more from the App Store’s description: “MyFinder AI provides audio descriptions of objects and navigation guidance towards them. It reads out […]

mezzo focus 24 video magnifier

Mezzo Focus 24

The Low Vision Store is a small, independent company offering several solutions for individuals with low vision.  One of their available products is the Mezzo Focus 24 desktop video magnifier. The Mezzo Focus 24 features full HD cameras to enlarge your reading materials with the “best picture quality, minimal picture noise, and reduced reflection of […]