WordToob App – Video modeling for language learning

Looking for an app to make learning words simple and fun?  The WordToob app is a video modeling app that makes learning new skills and words fun for children of all ages. “Learning language requires combined information from the senses, whether just beginning to learn one’s native language or learning a second language.”  WordToob makes […]

Gaming is More Than Just Games

From gaming to smart home devices, assistive technology helps people with disabilities maintain independence. It also helps them develop skills at home they can use in the community. Ben Jacobs, the founder and CEO of RebelTech Consulting LLC, recently led a full-day training session at INDATA on the benefits of this innovative assistive technology.   […]

Soundscape Hears Around You

For years people have been saying “there’s an app for everything,” but a new app that helps visually-impaired individuals travel and interact with their environment can truly have you believing in the phrase. There’s a new smartphone app designed to revolutionize the way blind people interact with their environment. The app is called Soundscape and […]

Transform your phone into a mouse with the Remote Mouse app

Looking for a way to control your computer from your smartphone? Remote Mouse is an app that transforms your mobile device into a user-friendly remote control for your computer! After downloading the Remote Mouse app, it’ll turn your phone into a computer touchpad, keyboard, and mouse.  It features smart multi-touch gestures so all you have […]

PuppetMaster App

Shmonster is a software company that “focuses on educational tools that utilize art and animation.”  The company creates software that helps users animate anything.  One of their available tools is the PuppetMaster App. The PuppetMaster App is an animation application for children, where they can bring any image to life.  Users can take a picture […]