PuppetMaster App

Shmonster is a software company that “focuses on educational tools that utilize art and animation.”  The company creates software that helps users animate anything.  One of their available tools is the PuppetMaster App. The PuppetMaster App is an animation application for children, where they can bring any image to life.  Users can take a picture […]

Senior Homescreen Pro App

If your elderly loved one is having a hard time operating his or her Android phone, check out the Senior Homescreen Pro App.  Many individuals only use a few apps and this app makes it easier to access those particular ones! This Android launcher app selects three apps by default, but you can easily add […]

New Year Apps to Build a New You

“New year, new me,” most people say to push themselves toward change in the early weeks of January. Fortunately, there is a wide world of resources right at your fingertips. “New Year’s resolutions are so much more manageable now with apps,” said Brian Norton, director of assistive technology at Easterseals Crossroads. “With just a few […]

AssisitiveWare’s simPODD App

AssistiveWare offers a myriad of apps to help individuals with different special needs.  While we’ve covered a few of their apps (e.g. Proloquo2Go), we have yet to discuss simPODD.  AssistiveWare’s simPODD app is a user-friendly app that “makes communication more intuitive and printing faster.” simPODD is the only iPad app for PODD.  PODD is a […]

iMathematics App – Math Helper and Solver

I have written about several resources over the years to help individuals with math.  Another available tool is the iMathematics app available on both iOS and Android devices. According to its description, the iMathematics app “is used by thousands of students every day, and is the only app about math which includes everything you need […]

MyFirstApp’s Multiplication Table AR App

MyFirstApp is a company that develops several apps that are suitable for all stages of development.  If you’re looking for an app to help teach your child or student multiplication, check out MyFirstApp’s Multiplication Table AR App. According to the app’s description, “With this brand new app, kids could learn the multiplication board in a […]