sensasoft sensory den by fun and function with two children

SensaSoft Sensory Den

Fun and Function offers many sensory solutions for kiddos.  One I have yet to write about is the SensaSoft Sensory Den.   The SensaSoft Sensory Den is a calming sensory corner for small spaces.  The cozy den gives children a calming place to read, draw, and relax.  You can manipulate the color-changing fiber optic strands.  Children […]

busy fingers fidget lap pad three panels

Busy Fingers Fidget Lap Pad

Fun and Function offers many solutions for varying sensory needs.  If you’re looking for a way to keep little fingers busy, check out the Busy Fingers Fidget Lap Pad.  The Busy Fingers Fidget Lap Pad is a weighted product that helps keep fidgety fingers engaged.  It features three activity panels: you can play hide-and-seek by […]

zpods generation 2 sleeping pods

zPods – Sleeping pods for children

The American Academy of Family Physicians is saying that up to 50% of children will experience some sort of sleep challenge.  Sleeping issues are especially common among children with autism or other special needs.  If your child experiences sleeping difficulties, there is a new potential solution: introducing zPods! zPods are fully enclosed capsule beds that […]

break-away bite bands by fun and function

Break-Away Bite Bands

Fun and Function offers several sensory solutions for children of all ages such as weighted blankets, sensory clothing, sensory putty, and chewies.  One example of a chewy product they offer is Break-Away Bite Bands. Their Break-Away Bite Bands are super absorbent necklaces ideal for children who chew and bite on their clothing or other items.  […]

noise reduction baby headphones from fun and function

Noise Reduction Baby Headphones

Looking for a pair of headphones for your baby or little one? Check out the Noise Reduction Baby Headphones from Fun and Function! If you are unfamiliar with Fun and Function, here’s some of their story: “Like many great things in life, our company was born of the desire for change. We started Fun and […]

limelite led sand table from fun and function

LimeLite LED Sand Table

Fun and Function is a company that offers many sensory solutions for individuals with autism and other special needs. One of their available products is the LimeLite LED Sand Table. The LimeLite LED Sand Table encourages exploration with 16 “soothing colors” which can be set to change automatically in strobe, flash, fade, or smooth mode. […]