interACTION board collection airplane panel

InterACTION Board Collection

Yesterday I wrote about the Vecta Corner Mobile Sensory Station, a versatile sensory solution on wheels. Fun and Function offers a way to transform your wall into a bright, colorful, engaging sensory solution: introducing the InterACTION Board Collection! The InterACTION Board Collection consists of two available wall panels that encourage problem-solving through play. In addition […]

modern ball chair fidgeting solution

Modern Ball Chair – Chair for fidgeters and more

Over the years we’ve written about different seating options for fidgeters.  Fun and Function offers another solution with their Modern Ball Chair.  The Modern Ball Chair is the “ideal seat for kids who need to wiggle and move to help focus, but need extra support.”  The Modern Ball Chair offers the benefits of sitting on […]

mama may i explore subscription

3 Subscription Boxes for Kids with Special Needs

There are so many subscription boxes available for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.  If you’re looking for a fun subscription box for your kiddo with (or without) special needs, there are several available options! Children’s subscription boxes are a wonderful way to keep little hands and minds busy.  There are boxes full of educational […]

zig zag hourglass bubbler timer

Unwind with the Liquid Zig Zag Colorful Hourglass Bubbler

Individuals with ADHD, autism, and more often benefit from sensory products.  One super low-tech, affordable product that can help individuals relax is the FKYTION Liquid Zig Zag Colorful Hourglass Bubbler Timer. The Zig Zag Colorful Hourglass Bubbler Timer features blue and green oil that gently cascades down, thus creating a calming effect.  In addition to […]

playfoam pluffle educational sensory

Playfoam Pluffle from Educational Insights

Educational Insights has been around for 50+ years.  It is a company full of “play enthusiasts” offering a lot of toys and games to inspire children’s curiosity and encourage them to explore, discover, and create.  One fun product available is Playfoam Pluffle. According to the website’s description: “The Squishologists at the Playfoam Wacky Workshop have […]

Calm Strips – Discreet Sensory Adhesives

Many individuals with anxiety, ADHD, sensory needs, and more often fidget.  I have written about several available fidgets over the years, but none are as discreet as Calm Strips.  In sum, Calm Strips are sensory adhesives that you can stick to your phone, laptop, journal, desk, wherever! Here is more from the product’s website: “Calm […]