Cubby bed for special needs

Cubby Bed – Advanced Special Needs Bed

Raising a child with autism or other special needs can be challenging.  Luckily, there are products like the Cubby Bed available to help out! The manufacturers behind the Cubby Bed designed a bed that “promotes restful sleep while also providing a secure and calming environment that your kiddo will love.”  It features dual-layer mesh and […]

avaz freespeech app screenshot

Avaz FreeSpeech

Learning language and grammar skills can be challenging for anyone, but especially for individuals with special needs.  Fortunately, there are apps like Avaz FreeSpeech available to help out!  With FreeSpeech, you can explore how tenses, sentence forms, parts of speech, and other grammatical properties change the structure of English.  A neat feature of this app […]

Eilik Personal Companion Robot

Imagine having a companion robot in your very own home.  Now you can with Eilik!  Eilik is a fun little companion bot with personality and character.   Here’s more from the company’s website: “Eilik is a new kind of robot with emotional intelligence that brings up a higher level of social interactions between humans and robots. […]

arthur the music therapy teddy bear

Arthur the Musical Teddy Bear

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve written about different simple music players which may benefit individuals with dementia and more.  Another available music-playing option is Arthur the Musical Teddy Bear.   Arthur the Musical Teddy Bear is designed specifically to meet the needs of people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, autism, and more.  It comes preloaded with […]

goally app example

Goally Therapy Suite

If you’re looking for a visual schedule tool, check out Goally.  Goally is a suite of therapeutic apps designed to help support the daily activities and functioning of children and teens with a variety of disabilities. According to BridgingApps: “One of the benefits of Goally is that it is available both on a small dedicated […]

jiobit gps tracker device

Keep track of your child with the Jiobit GPS Tracker

Over the years we’ve written about different GPS trackers for children, one example being AngelSense.  Another available option is the Jiobit GPS tracker.   The Jiobit tracker is a small, convenient way to keep tabs on children who might roam via Bluetooth and GPS.  The device itself is a rubbery teardrop measuring 1.45H x 1.97W x […]