TactPlus Braille Tactile and 3D Imaging Printer

Many Braille printers are rather large and bulky. If you’re searching for a more lightweight option, check out the TactPlus printer! The TactPlus is the “world’s smallest and lightest Braille tactile and 3D imaging printer.” The printer uses Thermal Technology and Capsule Paper. Braille and graphics are made in one easy step as the printer […]

AM320 – TactPlus Printer

Podcast: Play in new window | Download320-3-29-19 TactPlus Printer Hey there! Welcome to Accessibility Minute, your weekly look at Assistive Technology, those clever tools and devices designed to help people who have difficulties with vision, mobility, hearing or other special needs! Looking for a way to print braille and 3D images?  Check out the TactPlus […]

Rivo 2 Smartphone Keyboard

There are several built-in accessibility features on both Android and iOS devices for individuals with visual impairments. The Rivo 2 Smartphone Keyboard makes it easier for said individuals to use these smart devices. The Rivo 2 is a portable Bluetooth keyboard about the size of a credit card. It features 20 tactile keys which help […]

Quha Zona Gyroscopic Mouse

If you or a loved one cannot use a traditional mouse, check out the Quha Zono. The “Quha Zono is the original gyroscopic mouse designed for special needs.” This gyroscopic mouse makes it possible for you to use a computer when you’re unable to use an ordinary mouse with your hands. It translates natural head […]