Go Read for Android

Go Read is a free, accessible e-book reader for people with print disabilities. Just download, listen and enjoy all the Bookshare books you want! It works with a variety of Android tablets and phones, so it’s easy to read on-the-go. This app allows you to read with voice-activated navigation and test-to-speech. Users can access and […]

Groovy glasses: Google to introduce augmented reality goggles

In the recent past, people have become quite used to seeing people talk to themselves in the street. Watching individuals talking with their hands, shouting or having heated conversations with apparently no one have become the norm for those who use headphones, with microphones, attached to their mobile device. Hands free, it’s all the rage. […]

Tips and tricks for Android accessibility

In an era of constant communication and connectivity, it is becoming increasingly important to have a mobile device that can keep up, no matter what. While Android phones are quality to begin with, for users who have low vision or no vision, the Android is quite customizable with many apps available to make using the […]

Google Voice App Available for iPhone

Apple has just released The Google Voice HTML 5 web app for the iPhone. Google Voice, which is also available for Blackberry and Android smart phones, is a program that gives people full control over the functions of their phones. The app can be operated without regard to your specific wireless carrier. While it is […]