Hopster Saturday Club – Empathy App

Understanding emotions can be challenging for children, especially those with special needs like autism. Hopster Saturday Club – Empathy is an app for children made to help “develop a child’s fundamental social and emotional literacy skills.” As children play through the fun mini-games within the app, they’ll begin to recognize and understand multiple emotions. They’ll […]

Learn Empathy with Training Faces

“Empathy is the lens by which we measure and respond to others’ emotions, expressions, and feelings.”  However, for individuals with autism, it is difficult for them to understand the emotional and mental states of others.  There are many resources available to help teach empathy; resources can be as complex as a robot or as common and “simple” […]

6 Empathy-teaching apps

For several children, understanding and learning empathy is very challenging.  However, by learning about empathy, children will ultimately improve their social skills, learn coping strategies, work on positive behavior, and more.  While learning empathy is difficult for many children, it is especially challenging for individuals with autism and other special needs.  Here is a list of six different apps, categorized by age group, which […]