5 Fairlady Media Apps: Ages 6+

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a selection of apps by Fairlady Media designed for the earliest of learners.  Found within this list are apps teaching several life skills, academic skills, and much more.  There is another bundle available on iTunes featuring 4 more apps for “Big Kids” ages 6 and up.  (PLUS I’ve included their most […]

Smashing Grammar App

My entire life I have loved absolutely everything grammar: writing, spelling, punctuation, nouns, prepositions–all of it!  Sadly, I understand learning grammar isn’t as exciting and easy for several individuals.  Developers at Fairlady Media believe that grammar can and should be fun!  Their Smashing Grammar app allows players to have a “smashing” time “blasting, bombing, demolishing, and pulverizing their way […]

Camping with Grandpa App

Even though school is in session for most students, the summer sun is still burning bright and there’s still time to explore the great outdoors!  Even once it’s too chilly outside, children can still explore nature with Camping with Grandpa.  Camping with Grandpa is an app that allows individuals with and without disabilities to learn […]