5 Fairlady Media Apps: Ages 6+

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a selection of apps by Fairlady Media designed for the earliest of learners.  Found within this list are apps teaching several life skills, academic skills, and much more.  There is another bundle available on iTunes featuring 4 more apps for “Big Kids” ages 6 and up.  (PLUS I’ve included their most recent app: At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa.)

The games found in the “Big Kids” bundle on iTunes are designed for children who have already mastered shapes, numbers, colors, and letters.  Once they’ve learned the basics of these subjects, they’re all set to venture into space with Grandpa, cook with Grandma, hang out in Grandpa’s Workshop, and play Music with Grandma!  For even MORE adventures, Fairlady Media recently launched At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa!

What are you waiting for?  Let’s embark on these exciting journeys with the silly, fun Grandma and Grandpa!

5 More Apps from Fairlady Media:

1. Grandma’s Kitchen:

In order to embark on any adventure or task, we all grandmas kitchen fairlady medianeed fuel!  What better way to start than with a trip to Grandma’s Kitchen?!  Children will have fun in this app helping Grandma bake and decorate a cake, telling time, identifying utensils, organizing her spices, and more.

8 Action-Packed Mini-Games:

  1. Spot the Difference
  2. Word Bake
  3. Utensil Patterns
  4. Food Math
  5. Pick the Clock
  6. First Letters
  7. Fridge Fun
  8. Equal Parts


  • 8 educational mini-games that teach:
    • Consonant blends
    • Telling time
    • Colors
    • 100+ kitchen-related vocabulary words
    • Healthy eating
    • Compound words
    • Math
    • Pattern recognition
    • Observation skills
    • Reading
  • 7 videos of real kitchens in action.
  • Fun interactive add-ins where children will have fun washing dishes, making a cake, licking the spatula, reading along, and more.
  • Dancing, animated Grandma!
  • Colorful graphics, professional-quality music, sound effects and voices.
  • 20 fun facts about food, cooking, and healthy eating.
  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents.
2. Grandpa’s Workshop:

Now that we’ve stuffed our faces with Grandma’s baked grandpas workshop app fairlady mediagoods and learned all about healthy eating and more, it’s time give Grandma a break and go visit Grandpa in his workshop!  While visiting Grandpa’s Workshop, children will have fun identifying the whacky tools, measuring, cutting wood, painting furniture, and even build an awesome clubhouse!

7 Educational Mini-Games:

  1. Spot the Difference.
  2. Board Fractions.
  3. Measuring.
  4. Select the Tool.
  5. Number Groups.
  6. Puzzle Fix-Up.
  7. Paint the Project.


  • 7 educational mini-games that teach:
    • Number groups.
    • Colors.
    • Measuring.
    • Vocabulary.
    • Fractions.
    • Spacial relationships.
    • Observational skills.
  • Helpful visual and audio hints.
  • Lots of positive feedback.
  • Several videos of real tools in action.
  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents.
3. Music With Grandma:

music-with-grandma-app-fairlady-mediaReady to make some music!?  In Music with Grandma, children can play musical instruments, learn music terminology and symbols, listen to instruments, play interactive games, and much more!

7 Educational Games:

  1. Instrument Sounds.
  2. Music Stand Matchup.
  3. Music Maze.
  4. Find the Note.
  5. Musical Patterns.
  6. Musical Sorting.
  7. Instrument Memory Match.


  • 7 educational mini-games that teach:
    • Musical instrument identification
    • Musical symbols
    • Music rests and notes
    • Note names of the treble clef: middle C through treble G
    • Note names on the bass clef: middle C through bass F
  • 10 educational videos featuring real-life musicians who play: conga drums, cello, harp, piano, violin, classical and electric guitar, accordion, snare drums, tuba, and trombone.
  • 7 fun interactive extras:
    • Play the wood temple blocks!
    • Play the timpani drums!
    • Play the keyboard with sound effects!
    • Play the hand percussion instruments!
    • Grandpa plays the trumpet!
    • Give Grandma a high five!
    • Grandpa plays the clarinet!
  • Includes colorful graphics, high-quality music, sound effects, voices.
  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents.
4. Grandpa in Space:

Prepare for takeoff in 5…4…3…2…1…BLASTOFF!  grandpa-in-space-fairlady-mediaReady for an adventure that is out of this world!?  Children will have a blast building a rocket, taking off, and exploring space with Grandpa!  They’ll travel to 9 fascinating destinations in our solar system and help Grandpa and his alien friends fix satellites, blast asteroids, sort items in rocketship, race UFOs and so much more!

10 Action-Packed Mini-Games:

  1. Build a Rocket.
  2. Alien Addition.
  3. Asteroid Blaster.
  4. Clean up the Ship.
  5. Sort by Height.
  6. Rhyme Race.
  7. Fix the Satellite.
  8. Opposites.
  9. Memory Match.
  10. Shape Lander.


  • 10 educational mini-games that teach:
    • Solar system information
    • Math
    • Literacy
    • Sorting
    • Categorization
    • Memory
    • Planning/coordination games
  • 18 narrated educational space videos with real footage from NASA.
  • 36 planet fun facts incorporated throughout the app.
  • Fun interactive add-ins:
    • Give Grandpa high fives, eat a pizza planet, press the Red Button.
  • Adults can select which mini-games are active.
  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents.
  • Colorful graphics, high-quality music, sound effects, and voices.
5. At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa:

at-zoo-with-gma-gpa-fairlady-mediaTime to come back to earth and go see what’s going on At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa!  Children will have a “paw-some” time fixing animal signs, coloring zebras, solving puzzles, feeding penguins, digging for fossils, and more!

8 Educational Mini-Games:

  1. Fix the Sign.
  2. Animal Sounds.
  3. Tram Math.
  4. Jigsaw Puzzle.
  5. Spot the Difference.
  6. Match Signs to Animals.
  7. Fossil Dig.
  8. Feed the Penguins.


  • 8 educational games that teach:
    • Literacy: spelling, reading, and identification of more than 50 animals
    • Math and science
    • Creativity
    • Life skills
    • Animals
    • Problem-solving
  • 5 fun interactive extras:
    • Give the zebra back his stripes by coloring new ones!
    • Eat a yummy snack with Grandpa!
    • Balance the seal’s ball to put on an amazing show!
    • Give Grandpa high-fives
    • Select a souvenir for your toybox!
  • 10 fascinating videos about exotic and strange animals found around the world
  • Colorful graphics, high-quality music, sound effects, and voices.

To learn more about these apps, check out the Fairlady Media website!

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