Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

Did you know that the third Thursday of each May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)?!  According to the GAAD website, the idea was inspired by a single blog post written by Joe Devon. Jennison Asuncion, another founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, spoke about the day’s purpose in an interview: “The whole concept of […]

EyeGaze Foundations Bundle

Last week I covered the HeadMouse Extreme, which is a device that allows users to control their computers and AAC devices via head movements.   The EyeGaze Foundations is comparable to the HeadMouse by the fact that it is a substitute for a standard mouse.  However, instead of controlling computers via head movement, EyeGaze allows users to control […]

Under Control: How one company helps individuals with disabilities regain control over their lives

Many would argue that a distinctive human right would be control over his or her life and be the captain of his or her own destiny, regardless of ability. One Indiana based company is seeking to make sure that those with disabilities have a chance to exercise this right through employment opportunities. Pathfinder ControlAbility, based […]

Inclusion in the classroom

Inclusion in the classroom is more than recognizing social justice. The intermingling of students with and without disabilities may actually improve the academic achievements of students. One school in Central Florida thinks so. UCP Bailes in East Orlando is a charter school that was founded for children with disabilities; however, students who have not been […]