Scanmarker reader

Scanmarker Reader

On Monday, we did a Tech Tip on the Scanmarker Reader. This powerful tool provides a seamless way to transfer printed texts to digital devices, combining the simplicity of a highlighter with the sophistication of digital technology. Scanmarker Reader is a portable, pen-shaped scanner that instantly digitizes printed text by sliding it over it.  This […]

lyriq assistive text-to-speech reader

LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader

As digital content becomes more prevalent, accessibility becomes more important.  One example of such accessibility is the LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech device.  The LyriQ Assistive Text-to-Speech Reader makes it easy for people with visual impairments, reading disabilities, and other disabilities to access and manipulate text-based content.   With this innovative technology, everyone can stay informed and connected […]

Person typing on computer with ChatGPT image

ChatGPT Supports Cognitive Enhancement and Learning

Open AI’s artificial intelligence (AI) program, ChatGPT, stands out due to its ability to generate nearly human-like speech responses in a conversational manner. In addition to guidance for individuals who have communication disabilities, ChatGPT can also assist with organization and remembering essential tasks for those who live with memory loss and other cognitive challenges. ChatGPT […]

headway logo

Headway Daily Book Summaries

Reading full books can be challenging for individuals with ADHD, dyslexia, and more.  Fortunately, there are apps like Headway to help! Headway is the “#1 most-downloaded book summary app.”  The app summarizes key ideas from the world’s nonfiction bestsellers so “you can get essential knowledge to crush your goals.” Here’s some information on the history […]

Child use Eye Can Fly technology on computer

Eye Can Fly Educates and Empowers With Eye Gaze Technology

Learning can be an exciting adventure. The computer game Eye Can Fly literalizes this idea by allowing users to soar across the world, prevent natural disasters and save lives while learning geography and control skills. Eye Can Fly is the world’s first 3D game made specifically for eye gaze use. Control skills come into play […]

speechify text-to-speech logo

Turn your text into speech with Speechify!

Reading and obtaining text and information can be very challenging for individuals with ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities.  Fortunately, there are tools like Speechify to help out!  Speechify is the “#1” text-to-speech program that turns any written text into spoken words in “natural-sounding language.” The program is available as a Google Chrome extension, an […]