Robear: Robot Bear Nurse

It’s 2015.  Smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices have been sewn into the fabric of our daily lives.  Because smart technologies are so common, it can be assumed that a majority of individuals are familiar with robots in some form.  In terms of assistive technology, the field of robotics offers an indefinite amount of promise.  This is […]

Top Assistive Technologies of 2014

As it is the last day of the year, I wanted to take a moment to point out how exciting this year was for assistive technology.  What were some of the most noted advancements?  This was indubitably the year of wearable technology, with the release of Google Glass and several other wearables.  But overall, 2014’s technology paved […]

Robots Designed to Assist People with Disabilities

The world’s most sophisticated robots do not assemble trucks or cruise around Mars, but they are being designed to help support our surging population of elderly and persons with disabilities.  The rise of helpful machines are assisting individuals to become more independent in their daily living.  The following are some of the robotic devices that […]