Pererro iOS Switch Adapter

Apple’s iOS devices have indubitably revolutionized the world of technology since their introduction of the iPhone back in 2007.  iOS devices offer several benefits including their easy-to-use interfaces, simple syncing with other Apple devices, strong security, and smooth operating system updates.  Oh, and perhaps most importantly: the tech giant aims to make its devices as accessible as possible […]

TableTapper Switch

Many people with severe physical or cognitive impairment benefit from using one or more switches to access computers. A switch is an assistive technology device that replaces the need to use a computer keyboard or mouse. It is an alternative for computer access and  allows for people with mobility impairments to continue to use computers. One type […]

Roller Plus Joystick

The Roller Plus Joystick is an excellent alternative to a mouse. It will seem familiar to powered wheelchair users, eliminating the need for the user to learn a new control method. This assistive technology is useful for people with limited mobility. The Roller Plus Joystick has the same functions as a trackball, but cursor movement is […]

Jelly Bean Twist-Top Switch

Many people with severe physical or cognitive impairment use one or more switches to access computers or access other types of technology. A switch is an assistive technology device that replaces a different need. AbleNet offers a broad array of switch technology options to meet the wide-ranging needs of persons with disabilities. Dual switches offer two distinct […]

Switches as Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

People that have limited use of their arms or hands may have trouble using a computer. X-Keys, created by P.I. Engineering, is an assistive technology product that allows users to attach switches to your computer via the USB port. A switch can trigger an action on your computer. Connect up to 12 switches to the […]