Tales of 3D printing and tailor-made accommodations

Take a moment to reflect on how many times a day you encounter the following: pencils and pens, eating utensils, drinking glasses, doorknobs, phones and more.  Have you ever questioned the design of any of these?  Few people would challenge the design due to their prevalence.  Why question the design of a fork, when it’s […]

Action Trackchair: Making the Outdoors Accessible

After a long, harsh winter, spring has finally arrived with summer just around the corner.  For individuals with mobility impairments, the winter may have been a big challenge due to the lack of maneuverability in the snow; now that the white, frigid blanket of snow has melted thus revealing the ground beneath, the frustrations for […]

iPortal2: your communication bridge to the world

The portability of technologies like smartphones, tablets, and laptops indubitably helps individuals with disabilities perform daily tasks such as communicating, surfing the Web, word processing and so much more.  However, some individuals with mobility impairments have very limited use of their arms and hands making them unable to utilize the many features available on a […]

The Adapta-Club from Golf Country

As winter comes to an end and we finally start to see the first signs of spring, we will most likely want to be outside more often, soaking up the sun while enjoying various physical activities. This may seem like a natural progression from one season to the next, but for an individual with a […]

Folding Wheelchair Ramps for Greater Accessibility

Luckily, we live in a world where the specific needs of individuals with a disability are recognized and accommodated. However, accessibility to buildings and stores is not always guaranteed. Most buildings provide parking spaces and ramps that make access easier for individuals who rely on wheelchairs, scooters,or walkers for mobility. In the occasion when such accommodations are not present, […]