Oomi: Smart Home. Simplified.

In previous blogs, I’ve discussed several smart home systems, a few examples being: Flic, Wink Hub, Reemo, and Z-Wave.  Now there is an even newer, “smarter” home automation system being introduced called Oomi.  If you’re looking for a home automation system, Oomi is “easy, fun, and there’s nothing else like it” available on the market.  So what makes Oomi so different from its competitors?

Upon immediate glance at Oomi’s website or its Indiegogo page, you’ll notice the terms “simplified” and “smarter.”  While many other home automation systems claim their products are simple and smart, Oomi’s unique features puts it in a league of its own.

One major feature that separates Oomi from the rest is that no internet is required!  As they state on their Indiegogo page, “It might seem like a no-brainer that your smart home should work even when your internet is down.  Oddly enough, that hasn’t been the case.  With Oomi, it finally is.”

The system consists of several accessories, one of which is called the Oomi Cube, or the “brain” of your smart home.  While many smart homes use what are called “hubs,” the hubs don’t usually do much.  Oomi Cube is packed with 8 environment sensors, a night vision camera, and more!  “Having sensors inside of Cube allows it to know more about your home.  When your Cube knows more, it can do more for you.  For example, because Oomi Cube already has a light sensor in it, your home can brighten your lighting when a room gets darker automatically.”

Sensors found in the Oomi Cube:

  1. Glass break sensor
  2. Vibration sensor
  3. Motion detectoroomi cube
  4. Noise detector
  5. Night vision IR
  6. UV sensor
  7. Temperature sensor
  8. Humidity sensor
  9. Ambient light sensor

Oomi’s Accessories & Specs:

  • Oomi Touch
    • The Oomi Touch is the ultimate controller.  It is the dedicated interface for setup and control of the Oomi system.
      • It is encased edge-to-edge ing lass with a fully capacitive display and tactile buttons for quick control of your environment.
  • Oomi Plug
    • The Plug transforms any outlet into a smart outlet.  It also features real-time energy monitoring: The light surrounding the plug changes color to display energy usage.  It also features a USB port on the side to charge your devices without taking up an outlet.
  • Oomi Bulb
    • The Bulb is a smart RGB bulb featuring a full color spectrum of 16 million colors.
  • Oomi Streamer
    • The Streamer streams HD video and audio from the internet and top content providers.
  • Oomi Air
    • The Air mounts on the back of the Cube and monitors and records indoor air quality.
  • Oomi MultiSensor
    • The MultiSensor features 6 sensors and detects light, motion, temperature, humidity, UV, and vibration.  Can be mounted, recessed or placed on a shelf.
    • It can notify you if something suspicious happens or turn your lights on when you enter a room.
  • Oomi Cam
    • The Cam, in sum, is “another set of eyes for your security.”  It is a weatherproof camera that features:
      • Noise and motion detection
      • Mic and speaker for 2-way communication
      • Audio and visual alerts
      • Built-in LED lamp

oomi devices

Setting up Oomi is simple and can be done with a simple tap:

  1. TAP: Tap accessory to the Oomi Touch controller.
  2. TOUCH: Tap the screen of the Touch to confirm accessory.
  3. ENJOY: Setting up the Oomi is that simple!  Now you’re able to control all of your smart home accessories!

To learn more about how you can transform your home into a smart home with Oomi, visit Indiegogo or the Oomi Home page.

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