4 Fun Fairlady Media Apps for Pre-K

It is often so hard if not impossible to get tots to sit still and pay attention.  However, it is essential to start educating their minds as soon as possible.  Today’s technology makes the learning process a little easier even for the smallest of learners.  Developers at Fairlady Media have made it even easier with their series of educational apps!  They offer a variety of award-winning apps, but let’s start with the bundle designed for the youngest of learners.

I have already recently written about two other apps by Fairlady Media: Camping with Grandpa and Smashing Grammar.  Camping with Grandpa is a fun way to teach children:

  • Outdoor and survival skills: map reading, compass reading, trail safety, and more.
  • How to identify different birds, flowers, trees, butterflies, and more.
  • New vocabulary terms.
  • And much more!

The Smashing Grammar app is a little different from the rest of Fairlady’s apps as it doesn’t feature the whacky, fun Grandma and Grandpa characters found in the other apps.  However, it is a fun way to teach children all about grammar.  When playing Smashing Grammar, children will learn:

  • Nouns
  • Verbs
  • Syllables
  • Verb tense
  • Plurals
  •  Vocabulary terms
  • And more!

Now onto the exciting adventures designed specifically for early learners!

4 Fun Learning Adventures for Pre-K:

1. Grandma Loves Bugs:

In this app, children will learn all about bugs, problem-solving, spelling, counting, colors and more!  They will have fun helping Grandma identify bugs, coloring butterflies, catching fireflies, spelling buggy words, matching letters on bees and flowers, building a spider web, and even finding a bug in Grandma’s hair!

10 Mini-Games in Grandma Loves Bugs:

  1. Spot the Difference
  2. Magic Coloring
  3. Letter Match
  4. Bug Spelling
  5. Counting Fireflies
  6. Number Groups
  7. Feed Baby Bird
  8. Bug Matching
  9. Build a Spiderweb
  10. Identify Bugs


  • 10 educational mini-games.
  • 8 narrated videos of real bugs in nature.
  • Fun interactive add-ins: find bug on Grandma, caterpillar eating leaves, look at bug under magnifying glass.
  • Colorful graphics, high-quality music, sound effects and voices.
  • Adults can select which mini-games are active.
  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents.
2. Fishing With Grandpa:

Fishing With Grandpa covers a broad curriculum of basic skills such as: colors, numbers, problem-solving, measurement, and more.  Within the app, children will have fun helping Grandpa catch fish, spot differences, solve puzzles and mazes, and more.

7 Mini-Games in Fishing With Grandpa:

  1. Find the Gear
  2. Fish Groups
  3. Crabby Mazes
  4. Fish Puzzles
  5. Spot the Difference
  6. Fish Colors
  7. Measure the Fish!


  • No penalty for errors, just encouragement to keep trying.
  • 7 educational mini-games that teach:
    • Colors
    • Numbers
    • Problem-solving
    • How to measure with a ruler
    • Fishing vocabulary
  • Fun interactive extras:
    • Choose a lure
    • Cast line/hook fish
    • Reel fish in
    • High five!
    • Add the fish to your collection!
  • Colorful graphics, high-quality music, sound effects and voices
  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents.
3. Grandma’s Preschool:

Grandma’s Preschool is jam-packed with fun, educational content for children ages 5 and under.  It is noted to be “the ultimate school readiness experience.”  It not only teaches a broad curriculum of basic educational skills, but also the school environment, expectations, roles, and routines.

11 Educational Mini-Games:

  1. First Letter Sounds
  2. Nap Time Matching
  3. Puzzles.
  4. Science: Grow Seeds
  5. Number Words
  6. Snack Time
  7. Crazy Vowel Paint
  8. Crayon Coloring
  9. Color Train
  10. Escaped Guinea Pigs
  11. Guinea Pig Maze


  • 11 educational mini-games that teach and practice:
    • Sight words
    • CVC words
    • Color words
    • Number words
    • Seasons
    • Shapes
    • Letter sounds (all 26 letters)
    • Creativity
  • 13 educational videos that include:
    • Counting
    • Science
    • School footage
    • Playgrounds
    • Painting
    • Writing
    • Games
  • Fun interactive extras:
    • Make Grandma dance
    • Erase the board
    • Play hide and seek
    • Send kids down a slide and more!
  • Includes colorful graphics, professional-quality music, sound effects, and voices.
  • Developed by Educational Psychologist and parents and tested by children.
4. Grandma’s Garden:

In Grandma’s Garden, the fun, dancing Grandma needs your help in her garden!  Children will have fun helping Grandma match veggies, identify letters, selecting the right colors, and more.

8 Educational Mini-Games:

  1. Match the Vegetables
  2. Color the Vegetables
  3. Count the Vegetables
  4. First Letters
  5. Shapes
  6. Spot the Difference
  7. Number Groups
  8. Touch the Colors


  • 8 educational mini-games that teach:
    • Shapes
    • Colors
    • Numbers
    • Letters A, B, C, D, F, G, H, L, M, O, P, R, S, T, W and Z
    • Vocabulary
    • Differentiation
  • Educational real-life gardening videos that teach children all about how things grow.
  • Read, see, and hear Grandma’s feedback along the way
  • Loaded with positive messages and enriching content for children.
  • Developed by an Educational Psychologist and parents of preschoolers.


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