Wristocat: Dynamic Wrist Support

Working at a desk all day can cause a lot of strain on your body.  If you spend hours on a computer, it is advisable to create an ergonomic workspace.  Ergonomic setups may prevent arthritis, repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.  We’ve covered multiple ergonomic solutions in the past such as desks, keyboards, computer mice — and now there’s the Wristocat!

The Wristocat is the “first and only wrist support that uses a friction-free magnetic barrier to enable precise, cat-like movement and absorb repetitive stress.”  Many supports available on the market are static and tend to get in the way.  Meanwhile, the Wristocat moves with the user and comfortably supports every move.


Overview of the Wristocat:

  • Uses magnetic technology to float user’s hand above fatigue and stress
  • Allows users to effortlessly alternate between mouse, keyboard, and touchpad
  • Smart, innovative design forms a therapeutic magnetic barrier that eliminates friction and resistance while user works
  • Keeps user’s wrist straight and fingers relaxed
  • Because it supports at the palm, it elevates the user’s hand to “the optimal height and removes pressure”
  • Promotes good posture by guiding movement

The Wristocat was fully funded on Indiegogo last May and is estimated to begin shipping this month.  Click here to learn more!

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