Consumer Highlight: Anne Palmer

Anne Palmer works the front desk at The League in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The league is a not-for-profit agency that offers services to assist people who have disabilities in living independently in their home and community. They have many services such as orientation and mobility (O&M) training, independent living skills training, information & referral services, […]

Consumer Highlight: Billie Rippy

It was a cold winter day when I visited the home of Billie Rippy in Mishawaka, Indiana to learn about the assistive technology she has been using so she can go to college. Billie’s mother greeted me at the door and she took me in the kitchen to meet Billie. Billie is a very warm […]

Consumer Highlight: Kristy Bex

It was a beautiful fall day when I traveled to Bloomington, Indiana to meet Kristy Bex. I traveled to meet Kristy to learn about her very first job at Employbridge and how assistive technology made her very first job possible. When talking with Kristy, I learned that she was born in Bedford, Indiana. She and […]

Consumer Highlight: Stacey Oldham

Stacey has dreamed of working in broadcast since she was 16-years-old. Her goal was to anchor the news like her idol Jane Pauley. During college, at the age of 20, Stacey woke up and she had lost the use of the right side of her body. Stacey said, “The right side of my body was […]

Consumer Highlight: Megan Perkins

I traveled to Jeffersonville, Indiana to meet with Megan Perkins so I could learn about her experience using our services. Megan greeted me at the door and welcomed me into her home. I instantly felt like I was visiting an old friend. She invited me to have a cup of coffee as I got to […]

Consumer Highlight: Rebecca Ramsey

I scheduled a time to meet with Rebecca so I could learn about her experience in using The INDATA Project’s services.  Rebecca lives close to our office and was unable to arrange transportation so I went to her house to pick her up. When I met her, I instantly felt like I had made a […]