Consumer Highlight: Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones received a computer from The INDATA Project’s Computer Reutilization program and I visited her to learn about her experience in receiving this equipment. The Equipment Reutilization program gives away free computers to anyone in the state of Indiana who has a documented disability and has no means of getting one on their own. […]

Consumer Highlight: Austin McNew

It was an unseasonably cool and foggy day in May when I drove through a very small town that consisted of a small post office, corner store, and one church. I came to this small rural Indiana town called Webster to meet Austin McNew who has lived here his entire life. I visited Austin to […]

Consumer Highlight: Wade Jackson Sr.

I visited Wade Jackson Sr. to learn about the services he received through Easterseals Crossroads. I learned that in 2009, Wade was working three jobs. One of his jobs was working as a prep cook at Texas Roadhouse restaurant. After he finished the rush hour shift during the Christmas season at Texas Roadhouse, he got […]

Consumer Highlight: Ashley Harrington

I went to meet with Ashley Harrington to learn about the services she has been receiving through Easterseals Crossroads. When I arrived at her home, her little white dog was barking and barking. I later learned his name was Rudy and we became fast friends. Ashley’s dad invited me in and brought me to the […]

Consumer Highlight: George Azar

I traveled to South Bend, Indiana to meet with George Azar to learn about the services he is receiving from Easterseals Crossroads. George has been working with Jim Rinehart, Assistive Technology Specialist at Eaterseals Crossroads to determine his assistive technology needs at work. An assistive technology evaluation is a one-on-one evaluation to determine the appropriate […]

Consumer Highlight: “Sugar” Ray Seales

I woke up the morning that I was to meet Sugar Ray Seales and I thought to myself, “Wow! I get to meet an Olympian and hold a gold medal!!” I have always liked the sport of boxing so when I learned that we had a consumer who had used our services and had won […]