megabee eye pointing communication tablet example

MegaBee Eye Pointing Communication Tablet

There are several augmentative and alternative communication devices available, but if you’re looking for an eye gaze option, check out the MegaBee Eye Pointing Communication Tablet.   The MegaBee assistive communication tablet is a lower-tech eye-pointing device compared to other computer systems.  While using the device, the caregiver tracks a patient’s eye movement and uses eye […]

Lookout app reading a food label

Always on the Lookout

Lookout is an app for Android devices that uses Google’s Artificial Intelligence toolkit to assist individuals, especially those who are blind or visually impaired. While the app isn’t new to the scene, there are two new features for Lookout app users to explore! The new features allow devices to read out food labels and scan […]

Man using GoTalk Go wristband device

GoTalk Go Offers On-The-Go Communication Support

GoTalk communication devices are battery-powered augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices used by people who, some or all of the time, can’t communicate well by speaking. AAC users encounter difficulty communicating via speech due to congenital and/or acquired disabilities occurring. These conditions include but are not limited to autism, cerebral palsy, dual sensory impairments, genetic […]

GridPad Trilogy technology on computer screen

GridPad Trilogy: The Power of Three

As the Australian company Control Bionics states, its new GridPad Trilogy™ product line is “the world’s fastest, lowest-fatigue communication and control system for people living with conditions resulting in paralysis and loss of speech.” Among others, those conditions include ALS, cerebral palsy, motor neuron disease, spinal cord injury and spinal muscular atrophy. GridPad Triple-Threat Tech […]

Hand using button on Komp

Komp Bridges the Communication Gap

Computers, tablets and smartphones make it easier to shop, bank and keep in touch with friends and family. However, studies as recent as 2019 found that 2.8 million people over 75 years old did not use the internet, and only seven percent of that same age group made regular video calls. In the U.S., statistics […]

speak my mind aac app logo

Speak My Mind AAC App

Several apps are available to help turn your iOS device into an AAC device, one of them being the Speak My Mind app.  Speak My Mind is a “revolutionary” augmentative and alternative communication app that helps individuals with language and communication challenges. The app can help people with autism, ALS, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, cerebral palsy, […]