speakeasy home speech therapy app logo

SpeakEasy Home Speech Therapy App

Communicating is essential for expressing needs, building relationships, and navigating the world around us.  However, for individuals with speech and language disorders, communicating effectively can be rather challenging.  This is where the SpeakEasy Home Speech Therapy app can help.   SpeakEasy is a groundbreaking app that brings speech therapy directly into the comfort of one’s home.  […]

Soundingboard aac app

SoundingBoard AAC App

There are so many augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) applications available to help transform your mobile device into a communication device.  In just a few minutes, you can create custom boards with up to 20 message locations using the developer’s symbols or your very own. Designed with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, this innovative application […]

Screen with Open AI logo and ChatGPT

ChatGPT Makes Communication More Accessible

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings many benefits to the world and has become a powerful tool to help people in a number of different ways — and this is certainly true for people living with disabilities. ChatGPT was designed to generate human-like text responses and engage in conversational interactions. And for people with hearing or speech […]

View of Trello boards

Trello Changes the Way You Work and Manage

Trello is a software tool that is simple and easy to use with helpful ways to collaborate and reminders on projects. For those who struggle with staying on task, this is a great tool to keep yourself accountable. Trello Helps You Tackle Your To-Do Lists Trello is customizable and flexible for every need. With Trello, […]

PicSeePal opened to show pictures and letters

PicSeePal is Light-Tech Communication Solution

Do you need an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) solution you can take anywhere? One that is low-tech and customizable to you and your needs. Try PicSeePal! PicSeePal is the world’s first AAC housing that is lightweight and portable. It is also customizable, splash proof, modular and easy to use! For those who need a […]

Notes app with pencil

iPad Notes Increases Independence

Whether summarizing a class lecture, keeping a record of what you need from the grocery store or just jotting down thoughts, notetaking makes everyday life easier in a wide variety of ways. While it’s convenient for most people, it can be vital for people with disabilities. The iPad Notes app can be beneficial to people […]