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App2Speak AAC App

If you’re looking for a new augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app, check out App2Speak.  App2Speak is an AAC app that gives a voice to individuals who are unable to speak and/or have difficulty communicating.   The app was developed by an experienced American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certified Speech Language Pathologist and is compatible […]

Cough Drop symbols and pictures

CoughDrop App Frees Voices

CoughDrop founder Brian Whitmer found inspiration for the augmentative and alternative communication app (AAC) from his daughter. Due to Rett Syndrome, she is nonverbal, but as she grew older, Whitmer noticed she seemed “locked in” and eager to let her voice out. CoughDrop gives her and so many others the freedom to express themselves. CoughDrop […]

Sullivan+ app with icon

Explore Your Surroundings with Sullivan+

Do you or someone you know have difficulty visualizing surroundings, viewing the contents of documents or recognizing colors? There’s an app that can help! Sullivan+ is a visual-aid app by TUAT Co. to enhance the accessibility of visually-impaired and low-vision users. It works through your smartphone camera to act as a visual aid when exploring […]

Neo Smartpen Dimo

Write More Confidently with Neo Smartpen

Neo Smartpens are writing devices that give you something you could never do before — digital writing. Your writing now has a digital twin. Just use the Neo Smartpen to copy and paste the words in your handwriting to any digital device — your mobile phone, tablet or PC. You can also record meetings or […]

megabee eye pointing communication tablet example

MegaBee Eye Pointing Communication Tablet

There are several augmentative and alternative communication devices available, but if you’re looking for an eye gaze option, check out the MegaBee Eye Pointing Communication Tablet.   The MegaBee assistive communication tablet is a lower-tech eye-pointing device compared to other computer systems.  While using the device, the caregiver tracks a patient’s eye movement and uses eye […]

Lookout app reading a food label

Always on the Lookout

Lookout is an app for Android devices that uses Google’s Artificial Intelligence toolkit to assist individuals, especially those who are blind or visually impaired. While the app isn’t new to the scene, there are two new features for Lookout app users to explore! The new features allow devices to read out food labels and scan […]