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Tech the Halls with Holiday Gifts

Doing some last-minute holiday shopping? Don’t be hard on yourself; it’s been a tough year. Avoid the crowded malls, and shop safely in cyberspace. Here is a guide to some great gifts for people of all ages and levels of ability. Assistive Technology Gifts GrandPad: This tablet is “the smartest, simplest and safest way to connect […]

neuronode trilogy 3.0

NeuroNode Trilogy

I previously wrote about NeuroNode from Control Bionics back in 2018.  If you’re unfamiliar with the product, the NeuroNode is a “small, non-invasive, wireless EMG assistive communication device.”  Control Bionics now offers a new innovative wearable: introducing the NeuroNode Trilogy!  Control Bionics was founded by Peter Ford after researching ways individuals with paralysis or loss of speech could communicate without a keyboard or mouse.  […]

AACORN assistive speech app

AACORN Assistive Speech App

There is a seemingly indefinite amount of augmentative and communication (AAC) apps available on the market.  If you’re looking for a new AAC app to help your child or student communicate, check out the AACORN assistive speech app! According to its description, the AACORN assistive speech app is a “revolution in the way we provide […]

i-110 aac tablet

Tobii Dynavox I-110 AAC Tablet

The other day I wrote about the I-Series available from Tobii Dynavox.  Another one of their available communication devices is the Tobii Dynavox I-110 AAC tablet. According to Tobii Dynavox’s description, the I-110 is an “ultra-durable” speech-generating device built for communication on the go.  Additionally, this touch screen tablet enables people who cannot speak to […]

i-series aac eye gaze speech device

Tobii Dynavox I-Series

Tobii Dynavox is a “global team that works to help people with communication and mobility challenges live richer, more meaningful lives.”  They offer a multitude of eye gaze technologies, such as the Tobii Dynavox I-Series, to enable independent communication. The company’s I-Series features the I-13 and I-16 AAC devices.  According to the website’s description, they […]


Bringing Innovation to the Voting Process

The U.S. presidential election is just around the corner, but concerns are growing about the stability of the voting process amid the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic. In June, Kentucky closed 95 percent of its polling locations due to the outbreak, and a rush to accommodate remote voting resulted in the distribution of inaccurate absentee […]