Enjoy an Accessible Memorial Day Weekend Getaway

Now that the summer sun is peeking out of the clouds and Memorial Day is around the corner, it’s time to plan a weekend getaway! If you’re looking for an accessible place to stay over the holiday, Airbnb is now offering new features to meet your needs. Earlier this spring, the company introduced 21 new […]

Traveling with Disability: Plan, Prepare … and Have Fun!

People with disabilities can enjoy nearly all the same pleasurable fruits of life as those without disability, though it may take a little more planning and preparation. That’s true of many leisurely pursuits, including traveling – whether it’s across the globe, to another state or even within your own city. This is especially the case […]

Travel Series: Wheelchair Van Rental

In the Travel Series, we have looked at how airlines and airports are making travel more accessible for individuals with disabilities, but transportation once one has reached their destination is just as  important. Getting around on vacation when a wheelchair is required for mobility can be an arduous task; however, there are solutions. Many companies […]