n-abler trackball mouse alternative

n-ABLER Trackball

If you’re looking for an adaptable mouse alternative, check out the n-ABLER Trackball.  According to its description, it is “the most adaptable mouse alternative on the market specifically designed to address the needs of computer users with limited hand control, motor skill difficulties, for hand-eye coordination, lack of manual dexterity, and more.” The n-ABLER Trackball […]

anti-tremor mouse adapter USB

AMAneo USB Anti-Tremor Mouse Adapter

InclusiveTLC is a major educational supplier of different assistive technology products.  One of their available products is the AMAneo USB Assistive Anti-Tremor Mouse Adapter.  If you or a loved one experiences hand tremors and are looking to use a computer mouse, keep on reading to learn more about this device! The AMAneo USB Anti-Tremor Mouse […]


LipSurf the Web

Most of today’s households include one or more smart speakers, like Alexa or Google Home. But the problem with smart speakers is they are isolated from the web. That’s where LipSurf comes in — offering voice control for the web! It’s a tool that helps users finish everyday tasks by utilizing voice control — and […]

Project Euphonia

Project Euphonia Gives Voice to the Speaking Impaired

For ALS patient Andrea Peet, communication means much more than commanding her phone to text someone or play her favorite song. “To be able to tell my husband that I love him … it was, like, the most fundamental part of being human,” she told TODAY Show reporter Natalie Morales in a special segment. Peet […]

bauhn ergonomic laptop stand example

Bauhn Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Over the years we have written about several ergonomic solutions for your workspace and/or laptop.  Unfortunately, many available solutions can be both costly and lack portability.   If you’re looking for an ergonomic solution for your laptop that is more affordable and portable, check out the Bauhn Ergonomic Laptop Stand! If you’re unfamiliar with Bauhn, […]

Samsung Space Monitor Offers Clean Space, Clear Resolution

Looking to reduce clutter and enhance your digital experience with crystal-clear imagery? Look no further than the Samsung SR75 4K UHD Space Monitor. The monitor is hinged to an integrated metal arm into which you can neatly tuck cables when it’s clamped to the back of your desk. This clamp can securely attach to desks and tables of […]