Ramp Things Up with the SUITCASE® Singlefold Graphite Fiber Ramp

Go wherever life takes you! The Suitcase® Singlefold Graphite Fiber Ramp is ultra-lightweight and exceptionally strong, a flexible and adaptable solution to help people with limited mobility overcome some of life’s physical barriers. The ramp has a unique material composition made with glass-reinforced graphite fiber. It’s available in five sizes and features a singlefold design. […]

Folding Wheelchair Ramps for Greater Accessibility

Luckily, we live in a world where the specific needs of individuals with a disability are recognized and accommodated. However, accessibility to buildings and stores is not always guaranteed. Most buildings provide parking spaces and ramps that make access easier for individuals who rely on wheelchairs, scooters,or walkers for mobility. In the occasion when such accommodations are not present, […]