sony a7 IV camera with built-in screen reader

Sony A7 IV Screen Reader Feature

There are several photographers who experience some sort of visual impairment.  Unfortunately, several camera menus are inaccessible making cameras difficult to navigate independently.  The Sony A7 IV is on a mission to change that with a newer, exciting feature: a built-in screen reader.   The screen reader is available by going to Menu > Setup > […]

Sony Smart EyeGlass

Sony is challenging Google Glass with its current prototype of Sony Smart EyeGlass.  Sony’s new smart specs are comparable to Google Glass in several ways, but are much more obtrusive appearing like a pair of unwieldy 3D glasses. The Sony Smart EyeGlass acts like a secondary screen for an Android smartphone, connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  Once paired, the glasses will […]

Hopeful future for hearing disabled movie-goers

When was the last time you saw a movie, in theatres, with subtitles?  Chances are it has been a while if you have ever seen one at all.  For those with hearing disabilities, going to the movies can be a challenge.  Not all theaters provide a subtitle option and if they do, the showings are […]