ColorMouse Magnifier for the Visually Impaired

The ColorMouse, a piece of assistive technology for the visually impaired, is a portable magnifier the size of a computer mouse. It magnifies everything you scroll over in full color and displays onto your TV or computer monitor. It can magnify up to 24x on a 20″ TV. The magnification varies according to monitor size. It displays […]


The Braillephone is a portable braille telephone device designed for people who are Deaf Blind. This device can be used like a telephone or for face-to-face communication between a person who is Deaf Blind and another person using a telecommunications device for the Deaf (TDD) or deaf relay service. It’s designed to enable those who […]

VoiceOver Technology Makes iPhone More Accessible

With the influx of smart phone technology showing no signs of slowing down, universal accessibility has become a concern, and is often times a flaw of smart phone design. Fortunately, the Apple iPhone is one product on the market  that has made accessibility a priority. The VoiceOver program is a screen reader for iPhone that […]