Girl with Myoshirt pointing

Myoshirt Assists Arm Function in Daily Living

There are many reasons why a person’s arm or upper limb function may be impaired. Whether caused by acquired or congenital disorders or common aging, having limited arm function can make activities of daily living a challenge. That’s where the Myoshirt comes in. This modular, soft, wearable robot supports both shoulder stability and mobility. Assistive […]

Person with hands showing using Activator device

Activator is First Fully Integrated iPhone Braille Solution

Braille is a system of touch reading and writing for individuals who are low vision, blind or deaf-blind. First introduced in the early 1800s, the braille system consists of characters in which raised dots represent the letters of the alphabet. From embossed paper to braille displays and notetakers, there are many ways to use braille […]

relish day hub featuring task list

Relish Day Hub

Last week, I wrote about the Relish Day Connect Clock, which is a simplified clock for individuals with dementia.  Another available product that helps promote independence is the Relish Day Hub! According to the product’s description: “The Day Hub is the first product of its kind on the market, with patent-pending technology that provides a […]

mymini personal electric skillet and grill

Nostalgia MyMini Personal Electric Skillet and Grill

Many individuals with mobility challenges due to muscular dystrophy, arthritis, spinal cord injury, and more, may have difficulty preparing food on a standard stove.  Fortunately, there are products like the Nostalgia MyMini Personal Electric Skillet and Grill that can help said individuals prepare their own food. The MyMini Personal Electric Skillet and Grill is both […]

Hand holding smartphone with Zapvision app

Accessible QR Codes: More Than Dots and Dashes

QR codes are ubiquitous in today’s world. From stickers and posters to TV advertisements and billboards, these quick-scan options have been around for nearly 30 years and are used by almost every company to get people to learn more about a product or service. Companies like Unilever and Coca-Cola are starting to put QR codes […]