glassouse pro example

GlassOuse Pro

We originally wrote about GlassOuse back in 2018.  Now there is a newer model: GlassOuse Pro.  GlassOuse Pro is a customizable assistive wireless mouse that enables individuals with limited mobility, partial limbs, and more, to operate their phones, tablets, computers, etc. GlassOuse Pro was developed with customer participation.  The company collected user needs based on […]

Sullivan+ app with icon

Explore Your Surroundings with Sullivan+

Do you or someone you know have difficulty visualizing surroundings, viewing the contents of documents or recognizing colors? There’s an app that can help! Sullivan+ is a visual-aid app by TUAT Co. to enhance the accessibility of visually-impaired and low-vision users. It works through your smartphone camera to act as a visual aid when exploring […]

Neo Smartpen Dimo

Write More Confidently with Neo Smartpen

Neo Smartpens are writing devices that give you something you could never do before — digital writing. Your writing now has a digital twin. Just use the Neo Smartpen to copy and paste the words in your handwriting to any digital device — your mobile phone, tablet or PC. You can also record meetings or […]

medacube automatic pill dispenser full view

MedaCube Automatic Pill Dispenser

Over the years we’ve written about several automatic pill dispensers.  Yet another available option is the MedaCube Automatic Pill Dispenser.  The MedaCube is the “only automatic pill dispenser clinically proven to increase medication adherence significantly.” MedaCube does the work of organizing your pills into different dose groupings for you.  The first step in using this […]

tabtime super 8 pill organizer example

TabTime Super 8 Pill Organizer

Organizing your medication doses into days of the week is likely something you’re familiar with.  Remembering actually to take your medication is not quite as simple.  This is where TabTime Super 8 comes in. The TabTime Super 8 pill box features a reminder alarm so you always remember to take your medications as scheduled.  It […]