Ribbon Push and Pull Cube Toy

Looking for a fun toy to teach your child about cause and effect?  The Ribbon Push and Pull Cube by Fun and Function is one available option! The Ribbon Push and Pull Cube is a visually engaging tactile sensory tool featuring six sides.  According to its description, “This engaging, tactile tool helps keep kids attentive […]

Crystal Growing Hedgehog – Fun Science Toy

Fat Brain Toys offers a large catalogue of toys for children of all ages and abilities.  One of my favorite things about their website is that you can search for toys based on different special needs.  When I selected Sensory Integration Disorder (also referred to as Sensory Processing Disorder), the Crystal Growing Hedgehog popped up.  […]

Dino Plate and Utensils for Constructive Eating

Fat Brain Toys offers a wide variety of toys and products designed for individuals with autism, ADHD, hearing impairments, muscular dystrophy, and more.  One of their available products is their Dino Plate. Dino Plate There are several individuals with sensory issues, ADHD, etc. that are picky eaters.  According to the website’s description, these plates “turn […]

Adapted Color Spinout Toy

Remember the spirograph toys you did when you were younger?  The fun, unique plastic wheels and rings that allowed you to create countless amazing designs.  Enabling Devices offers an adaptive product similar to a spirograph: the Adapted Color Spinout Toy! The Adapted Color Spinout allows users to make creative designs using their adaptive switch.  While […]

Magnetic Alphatab Toy

Looking for a fun toy that encourages correct letter formation? Fat Brain Toys offers the Magnetic Alphatab toy that is a “genius, tactile way” to practice writing uppercase letters correctly. The Magnetic Alphatab is a letter printing toy featuring magnets and a pen stylus. Users simply hold the magnetic stylus, follow the arrows, and pull […]

Pip the Letter Pup

Looking for a toy to teach your little one his or her ABCs?  Pip the Letter Pup is an adorable, interactive pup from Learning Resources.  Pip introduces children to every letter of the alphabet through fun, hands-on play. Pip the Letter Pup shrinks and grows with the help of five spinning hexagonal pieces, each of […]