Liberty Imports Kitchen Cookware Pots and Pans Playset

One big part of child development is pretend play.  Liberty Imports Kitchen Cookware Pots and Pans is a fun plastic pretend playset. The playset comes with everything you need to support your child’s passion for cooking.  The playset comes with a pot with a lid, grill pan, skillet, kettle, and salt and pepper shakers.  Everything […]

Pop & Slide Shelly

If you haven’t already ventured onto the Fat Brain Toys website, I recommend doing so.  The company offers several toys for children of all ages.  One of their toys is the Pop & Slide Shelly. Pop & Slide Shelly is a happy playtime turtle featuring vibrant colors.  According to the toy’s description, “Covering its shell […]

Basic Skills Board

Looking for a way for your child to practice dressing skills?  Check out the Basic Skills Board.  The Basic Skills Board is a dressing board that teaches children how to snap, zip, buckle, and tie. The board is ideal for young children as well as those with poor dexterity.  It features large buttons, laces, and […]

Block Out Time for Block Play

Block play is important for any child, no matter the age or ability. According to this article from Parenting Science, “Blocks can function as powerful learning tools. There is also evidence that complex block play is linked with higher mathematical achievement.” Studies suggest toy blocks can help children develop: Motor skills and hand-eye coordination Spatial […]

Stone Soup – The Yummy Memory Matching Game

Yesterday I wrote about Feed the Woozle, a cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom.  Stone Soup is yet another example of a cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom.  A cooperative game is where “everyone plays together, no one is left out, and everybody has fun!” While playing this game, players work together to cook a soup by […]

Feed the Woozle Board Game

Looking for a fun, interactive game to play with your child or student with autism or developmental delays?  Feed the Woozle Board Game from Peaceable Kingdom is a “Game of Silly Snacks and Mixed up Moves!”  Everyone plays together to feed the Woozle snacks from a spoon. The objective of the game is to help the […]