Dino Plate and Utensils for Constructive Eating

Fat Brain Toys offers a wide variety of toys and products designed for individuals with autism, ADHD, hearing impairments, muscular dystrophy, and more.  One of their available products is their Dino Plate. Dino Plate There are several individuals with sensory issues, ADHD, etc. that are picky eaters.  According to the website’s description, these plates “turn […]

Adapted Color Spinout Toy

Remember the spirograph toys you did when you were younger?  The fun, unique plastic wheels and rings that allowed you to create countless amazing designs.  Enabling Devices offers an adaptive product similar to a spirograph: the Adapted Color Spinout Toy! The Adapted Color Spinout allows users to make creative designs using their adaptive switch.  While […]

Magnetic Alphatab Toy

Looking for a fun toy that encourages correct letter formation? Fat Brain Toys offers the Magnetic Alphatab toy that is a “genius, tactile way” to practice writing uppercase letters correctly. The Magnetic Alphatab is a letter printing toy featuring magnets and a pen stylus. Users simply hold the magnetic stylus, follow the arrows, and pull […]

Liberty Imports Kitchen Cookware Pots and Pans Playset

One big part of child development is pretend play.  Liberty Imports Kitchen Cookware Pots and Pans is a fun plastic pretend playset. The playset comes with everything you need to support your child’s passion for cooking.  The playset comes with a pot with a lid, grill pan, skillet, kettle, and salt and pepper shakers.  Everything […]

Pop & Slide Shelly

If you haven’t already ventured onto the Fat Brain Toys website, I recommend doing so.  The company offers several toys for children of all ages.  One of their toys is the Pop & Slide Shelly. Pop & Slide Shelly is a happy playtime turtle featuring vibrant colors.  According to the toy’s description, “Covering its shell […]