iPhone with Personal Voice displayed

Apple iOS 17 Brings More Accessibility Enhancements

Apple is known for being inclusive — creating technology that works for everyone! Their products are inclusive by design with built-in accessibility features to help users connect and create in the ways that work best for them. And the accessibility enhancements that come with the new iOS 17 are no different. While the accessibility features […]

screenshot of Spoken Content toolbar in Word document

Monday Tech Tip: Mac Spoken Content

Brian Norton, V.P. of Adult Services, at Easterseals Crossroads show us the Mac accessibility feature called Spoken Content, which allows your Mac to speak any text when you press a keyboard shortcut. Check it out here: Click here to learn more about Spoken Content.    

Screenshot of Sticky Keys settings under accessibility-keyboard

Monday Tech Tip: Sticky Keys for Mac

Brian Norton, Vice President of Adult Services, at Easterseals Crossroads shows us Sticky Keys for Mac, which is a keyboard accessibility feature that allows you to set a modifier key that once you hit will engage a sequence of commands such as Option-Command-F3 by just hitting that modifier key. Check it out here: Click here […]

screenshot of iPad after assistive touch has been set up with 6 apps on home screen photos messages calls camera alarmed and music apps are displayed

Monday Tech Tip: iOS Assistive Access

Brian Norton, Director of Assistive Technology, at Easterseals Crossroads shows us Access Access for iOS iPad and iPhone, which allow someone to simplify what apps are shown on the screen so it makes these devices easier to navigate for anyone with a cognitive disability or anyone who struggles with the complexity of these devices. Check […]

Screenshot of Spoken content settings with speak item under pointer as an option

Monday Tech Tip: Mac Computer- Speak item under the pointer

Brian Norton, Director of AT, shows us the speak item under the pointer feature that allows a user to have their Mac computer speak anything that is under the pointer if they hover over it. This feature is helpful for individuals with low vision, reading impairments, or benefit from audio feedback. Check it out here: […]

screenshot in the accessibility settings tab

Monday Tech Tip: Side Button on iPhone

Brian Norton, Director of Assistive Technology, at Easterseals Crossroads shows us the Side Button feature on an iPhone, which allows an iPhone user to change whether they would like the side button to pull up Siri, classic voice control option, or turn off side button feature. You are also able to set the speed required […]