Touch Trainer

A majority of our blogs discuss the dozens and dozens of apps which may benefit individuals with special needs.  If your student/child isn’t familiar with using a touch screen on the devices, then he/she likely won’t reap each app’s full benefits.  Touch Autism has developed Touch Trainer, which is an app to help train anyone who […]

LetterReflex: App for Dyslexia

Looking for a fun and effective way to work on letter and number reversals?  This is a common challenge for individuals with dyslexia and more as they tend to confuse letters “d” and “b” and “q” and “p” etc.  LetterReflex is a fun, interactive app developed to help these children learn correct letter and number formations. The […]

Vibrating ARC Pen Helps Those with Parkinson’s Write

Something many individuals often take for granted are daily tasks such as eating and handwriting.  However, when an individual is affected by Parkinson’s, these tasks are anything but simple.  Last year I wrote about a utensil called Liftware, a spoon that helps cancel tremors making it easier to eat.  And now there is a new device being tested to […]

10 Apps for Practicing Motor Skills

Motor skills play an essential part in child development.  These skills consist of gross and fine motor skills, both of which begin developing early in life.  Gross motor skills involve using several body muscles to do things like sitting, crawling, walking, running, and jumping.  Fine motor skills require smaller muscle movements of the hands to do “finer” activities like […]

Flexible Utensils

For many individuals with special needs, performing fine motor tasks such as writing or feeding oneself proves to be quite the challenge.  While there are many products available to help said individuals accomplish these tasks, the Flexible Utensils appear to be more… well, flexible. Pediatric Flexible Utensils, $19.95 The Flexible Utensils are available in three different […]

Chester Creek’s LearningBoard

  Chester Creek’s LearningBoard and TinyMouse Bundle helps children learn their vowels, consonants, and numbers. This assistive technology device can be useful for students with learning disabilities or find motor skills in the hands. The color-coded keys of the LearningBoard help children learn their vowels, consonants, numbers and function keys while emailing and communicating with […]