Parcel of Courage

Early learners, especially those with special needs, may seldom sit and listen to a story nowadays.  Their young minds yearn to learn and interact with their surroundings.  Storybook apps have taken storytelling to a whole new level with colorful graphics and fun interactive activities.  “A Parcel of Courage” is one such app that tells a heartwarming story […]

VisuaLearn App

The Educational App Store provides a long, helpful list of apps available for individuals with or without special needs.  One app out of the dozens listed is VisuaLearn, an app that “promotes vocabulary development, sight word acquisition and sentence building.” VisuaLearn was initially developed for young learners with Down syndrome, but was found to benefit […]

5 Apps for Speech Delays

It is estimated that approximately 10% of kindergarteners will receive a diagnosis of a speech/language delay each year.  To aid in this delay, many work with certified speech-language pathologists, but why not practice these skills outside of therapy?  The App Store offers countless apps for individuals with speech delays, but I wanted to highlight a handful […]