neuronode trilogy 3.0

High and Low-Tech Solutions for Limited Mobility

  When thinking about mobility impairment, the image that often springs to many people’s minds is that of a wheelchair. However, even everyday items like Velcro shoes and rolling backpacks — which many people may not necessarily identify as assistive technology — are game-changers for people with limited mobility. “With or without disabilities, we all […]

neuronode trilogy 3.0

NeuroNode Trilogy

I previously wrote about NeuroNode from Control Bionics back in 2018.  If you’re unfamiliar with the product, the NeuroNode is a “small, non-invasive, wireless EMG assistive communication device.”  Control Bionics now offers a new innovative wearable: introducing the NeuroNode Trilogy!  Control Bionics was founded by Peter Ford after researching ways individuals with paralysis or loss of speech could communicate without a keyboard or mouse.  […]

Monday Tech Tip: NeuroNode by Control Bionics

Emily Boland, Marketing & Customer Relationship Manager, at Control Bionics show us the NeuroNode which is the world’s first wireless wearable EMG assistive communication device. Check it out here: Click here for more information on NeuroNode.

NeuroNode – EMG assistive technology device

Electromyography, more commonly known as EMG, is “the measurement of electrical activity associated with the activation of a muscle group as detected by non-invasive electrodes on the surface of the skin…”   The NeuroNode takes EMG technology and transforms it into an assistive communication and control device for individuals living with paralysis and loss of speech. […]