EyeGaze Foundations Bundle

Last week I covered the HeadMouse Extreme, which is a device that allows users to control their computers and AAC devices via head movements.   The EyeGaze Foundations is comparable to the HeadMouse by the fact that it is a substitute for a standard mouse.  However, instead of controlling computers via head movement, EyeGaze allows users to control […]

Desk Arm / Large Lap Hugger

People with physical disabilities may benefit from assistive technology that helps put them in a more comfortable position. The cushion pictured to the left is a support cushion for people using wheelchairs. The Desk Arm/Large Lap Hugger is a torso support designed to prevent forward leaning by people who use wheelchairs. This foam padded support […]

Calf Based Toe Lifter

The Calf Based Toe Lifter is a toe lifter orthosis designed for individuals with foot drop. Foot drop is defined as the inability to difficulty to move your ankle or toes upward. It’s a deviation from standard walking in which the forefoot drops. This happens due to weakness, damage to the peroneal nerve or paralysis of the muscles in […]

Adaptive Student Desks

Students with physical limitations may benefit from using a desk that is specifically designed for them. Here are a few options of desks that are pieces of assistive technology. You can learn more about all these desks and other options at AbleData.com. Classroom Positioner Desk The Classroom Positioner Desk/Stander is height-adjustable and is designed for […]

Seats Designed for People with Severe Physical Disabilities

Some chairs and seats are designed for use by children with neurological and/or severe physical disabilities. These assistive technology devices are available at AbleData.com. Corner Sitter The Corner Sitter is designed to help improve posture and promote upper body control. It includes a reclining backrest with adjustable sides for lateral support. The backrest angle is […]