Boomer: Wireless Foot Mouse

I am often writing about different accessible and ergonomic computer mice for individuals of all abilities.  However, I’ve yet to write about one you can operate using your feet–introducing Boomer: The Foot Mouse! The foot device was invented by Becky Logue, a former dental hygienist.  She invented her first model back in 2006 (called “the Dental […]

Sticker Steve and Sasha: Basic Emotions

Many individuals on the autism spectrum often struggle to understand basic emotions.  Mindlively offers a variety of products to benefit said individuals.  “Our goal is to provide sound, credible, insanely affordable interactive experiences that are an alternative to the numerous ad-crammed, variable quality, free materials available online.  We aren’t aiming big– either in size or profits–but […]

ASL Kids — Sign Language

Looking for an app to help teach your child American Sign Language (ASL)?  Check out ASL Kids — Sign Language, a free app available for both iOS and Android devices.  According to the app’s description, children learn best “by imitating other kids” so within the app, ASL is taught by children ages 1-12. ASL Kids […]

Following Directions by Teach Speech Apps

Does your child have a hard time following directions?  If you answered yes, then Teach Speech Apps offers a solution with their namely titled Following Directions app!  Following Directions is a fun, interactive app that helps individuals learn how to follow instructions through a series of engaging activities. Before diving into further details on the app, let’s […]

gear spinner pendant necklace fidget

8 Exciting Fidgets for Adults

Last week, I wrote a featured blog discussing 5 different fidgets for children with special needs.  Within hours of publishing, the article gained a tremendous amount of attention due to the prevalence of fidgeting among children with and without special needs.  (After all, children will be children and they just have to move!)  As you probably already know, children are not the […]

My First AAC App

Looking for an affordable app to help introduce your child to augmentative and alternative communication?  My First AAC is an iPad app specifically designed for toddlers and preschoolers who experience speech difficulties.  This particular app has been noted as “a great beginner Augmentative Alternative Communication app for young children” by Megan Bratti, MS, CCC-SLP. My First […]