5 apps for students with dyslexia

Dyslexia is a language-based disorder affecting more than 20% of the U.S. population, and is classified as a learning disability that makes recognizing words, spelling, reading and decoding especially difficult. Due to common misconceptions and stigma about this disorder, several affected individuals never seek help, though it is strongly advised because early and effective methods can […]

6 New Accessibility Features on OS X, Yosemite

With their upcoming devices and updates, Apple is trying to create the most seamless, convenient experience for all users on all of their devices, both OS X and iOS alike.  In last Tuesday’s blog, I covered upcoming accessibility features in the new iOS 8 available this fall.  During the keynote conference this year, in addition to releasing […]

Claro Software for iOS devices

Claro Software is an innovative software company that develops and licenses Assistive Software, including speech, image and touch technology.  The mission of the company is to provide user-friendly software available in many different languages.  The software is available via the following Claro apps:   ClaroSpeak is a text-to-speech reader app from Claro Software. Available for […]

The Dyslexic Kids Organization

The Dyslexic Kids Organization by Scott Forsythe, Executive Director of Dyslexic Kids When I was little, my parents and teachers noticed that I had difficulty keeping up with the other children. I could not identify words or letters as easily as the other children, I could not tie my shoes, I could not remember a […]

Free Public Online Dyslexia Library

  Dynaread Special Education Corporation offers an extensive online dyslexia library for free public use. The Dynaread library offers articles and videos about dyslexia and related learning disabilities. The latest addition to the Dynaread library is the Ivona text-to-speech technology which allows people not only to read, but also to listen to all the articles in the […]

Lexercise: A Tool use to Screen Students for Dyslexia

Lexercise is a free, web-based tool that parents, teachers, physicians and clinicians can use to screen children for Dyslexia. It’s recommended for students ages six or older.  The free online test determines whether your child is having trouble reading or processing words. Lexercise combines two types of assessments to provide the most accurate results. It […]