Microsoft makes improvements to Office Online Accessibility

There are no built-in screen readers for Windows operating systems and the screen reader software compatible had cost hundreds of dollars until a year ago when Ai Squared and GW Micro merged and partnered with Microsoft last year and started providing “people who are blind, visually impaired, or print disabled with a completely functional and free […]

Overview of GW Micro Window-Eyes

GW Micro Window-Eyes is arguably one of the most powerful screen reader programs on the market today.  This powerful application allows individuals who are blind or visually impaired to have complete control of their Windows computer.  This control not only leads to more independence, but also leads to a higher productivity rate while working on […]

Windows 8: Taking accessibility a few steps further

One of the most popular operating systems is getting an update, again. Windows 8 is looking to make its accessibility features even more accessible. From voice over to screen magnification, the operation system has been improved with all users in mind. Still working with Windows 7? Have no fear, the Narrator feature will guide you […]

Exciting new changes coming with Windows 8.

After doing a bit of research about the highly anticipated Windows 8, I have drawn one clear conclusion: the designers at Microsoft were not afraid to mix accessibility and imagination. Microsoft’s new baby focuses on fluidity, ease and connectivity as it aims to transform the 25-year-old institution into software that is just as at home […]

New Microsoft Accessibility Website

Microsoft is pleased to announce the new Microsoft Accessibility Website which was recently redesigned and released.  A key goal of the website is to make it easier to find information either by product name or by type of content such as Tutorials, Guides, and Centers. The website features information about different types of assistive technology […]