Parcel of Courage

Early learners, especially those with special needs, may seldom sit and listen to a story nowadays.  Their young minds yearn to learn and interact with their surroundings.  Storybook apps have taken storytelling to a whole new level with colorful graphics and fun interactive activities.  “A Parcel of Courage” is one such app that tells a heartwarming story […]

5 Fun Educational Apps by Originator!

There is an indefinite amount of companies dedicated to creating the best educational apps for children of all ages.  Developers at Originator “develop and publish the most entertaining and educational mobile apps for kids and families.” If your child or student is learning or about to learn basic educational lessons (e.g. numbers, alphabet, phonics, spelling, etc.) […]

C-Pen Reader

There are already several apps and resources available for individuals with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disabilities.  The C-Pen Reader Pen is a newer device designed to benefit any individuals who struggle with reading.  It is a standalone pen that scans words and speaks them aloud and is noted as a “major technological breakthrough for […]

Hooked on Phonics : Learn to Read App

Learning to read is one of the most challenging tasks in development.  It is even more difficult for individuals with special needs.  A common method used to teach reading is Hooked on Phonics.  The method has been around for nearly 30 years and has helped millions of children learn how to read!  Now the very same […]

Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Tablets and smartphones have no doubt offered several options for beginning readers, as well as those with visual impairments who can’t view standard text.  Sparkup Magical Book Reader is a revolutionary device that gets children’s faces out of screens and allows them to interact with real books!   It allows you to record the book yourself, or download […]

Back to School: 6 Reader Bee Apps

Wow, has this summer just flown by!  It’s already that time of year again: time for the kiddos to go back to school!  If you’re searching for a list of reading apps to help get your child back in the groove of reading, Reader Bee Apps may just be your one-stop solution! Before diving into the […]