Creating a Social Experience Through Video Games

People with disabilities can need assistance in many different ways – getting trained for and finding a good job, communicating with others and even negotiating some of the basic necessities of life. But some have chosen to provide a helping hand by making video games more accessible. One of the foremost in this field is […]

Assistive Technology Gaming Grant to Aid Children and Adults with Disabilities

The AbleGamers Foundation is pleased to partner with Quasimoto Interactive to issue the foundation’s first Assistive Technology grant to improve a child’s access to mainstream gaming, just in time for the Holiday Season. According to Mark Barlet, President of the AbleGamers Foundation, Quasimoto has fulfilled a need for a deserving disabled gamer in the community. AbleGamers […]

Conference Feature: AbleGamers Foundation sponsors Game Accessibility Arcade

The AbleGamers Foundation will be introducing the AGF Game Accessibility Arcade to the 2010 INDATA Conference July 29th and 30th in Indianapolis IN. This hands-on presentation focuses on demonstrating accessible technology and games  that can be used to play the Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PS3, and computer games. The AbleGamers Foundation will be featuring […]