Devices and Duties at the Depot

One of INDATA’s main aims is to bring people together. Now, especially in the wake of the pandemic and increase in digital communication, the best way to accomplish this is through technology. Through the INDATA Depot, an equipment reuse program, Hoosiers with disabilities receive donated devices — mainly computers — free of charge. Not only […]

Marcus Carter – Volunteer of the Year

The INDATA Project offers several free resources such as blogs, podcasts, and the Equipment Lending Library.  In addition to all these services, we also offer a device reutilization program through the INDATA Depot.  This program takes donated equipment (e.g. laptops, computers, CCTVs, etc.) and refurbishes them to give away to Hoosiers with disabilities.  Volunteers play […]

Consumer Highlight: Fred Christian

I met with Fred Christian to learn about his experience receiving a computer through the INDATA Project’s computer reutilization program. I visited with Fred at the offices of the Him by Her Foundation where he does volunteer work. Fred told me he was born and raised on the east side of Indianapolis. He shared with me that […]

Rolls-Royce hosts Laptop Drive for The INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads

The Control Systems- Units High Performance Culture (HPC) team at Rolls-Royce Corporation sponsored a laptop drive in collaboration with the INDATA Project at Easter Seals Crossroads. This HPC team is made up of Rolls-Royce employees, who volunteer to do company culture improvements, which includes community outreach. When the HPC team learned of the INDATA Project, […]