Tiny Tastes: iOS and Android app for your picky eaters

For many young children, trying new foods (especially healthier foods!) can be rather challenging.  Children may be turned off by a food’s appearance among other things.  The creators of Tiny Tastes are aware of these picky eaters and have thus developed the app to help encourage children to try new foods! The app Tiny Tastes features a cute kangaroo named Tiny, […]

The Sixth Digit Stylus

Josh Smith is a mechanical engineer from Virginia Tech and is also the founder of Handizap.  Handizap’s goal is to “create products to help make the lives of the disabled a little easier.”  The company’s flagship product, coined the “Sixth Digit Stylus,” is unlike any other stylus currently on the market. The original Sixth Digit prototype […]

StepPad: cognitive support tool for multi-step tasks

The new StepPad may be a great resource for individuals who have difficulty completing multiple step tasks by themselves.  With the StepPad, directions that are recorded are played back in a sequence, one step at a time, to prompt the user on what to do next.  The device functions well as both a short-term teaching tool […]

Attainment Big Button Communicators

For individuals with difficulty communicating or who cannot communicate at all, there are several technology options to help.  One of these options is the Big Button Communicator, which allows users to communicate without lifting their hands from the table. The Big Button features a transparent cap with an opening to quickly slide in overlays.  The Button […]

Wingman Harness

For individuals with certain mobility impairments, physical therapy is necessary to maintain strength and flexibility.  However, according to this article, “it’s not guaranteed to fix all movement issues.”  Dr. Christopher Spinelli is a Pediatrician in Springfield, Missouri who has a daughter with special needs.  He stated how she was in physical therapy early on, but […]

11 Blindfold games for the visually impaired

Confession: I love playing games—board games, video games, word games, you name it!  My iPhone has so conveniently brought the world of games to the palms of my hands.  Playing games is a fun way for me to pass the time when I’m waiting for the bus, or sitting in a waiting room at the doctor.  Even after a […]