bunmo poppin pipes

BunMo Poppin’ Pipes Fidget

Since I first began writing about fidgets several years ago, the fidget market seems to have only grown in popularity among children and adults alike.  Another available fidget is the BunMo Poppin’ Pipes!   According to Amazon’s description, the BunMo Poppin’ Pipes are “fun and functional sensory toys that pop, stretch, and connect making these pop […]

limelite led sand table from fun and function

LimeLite LED Sand Table

Fun and Function is a company that offers many sensory solutions for individuals with autism and other special needs. One of their available products is the LimeLite LED Sand Table. The LimeLite LED Sand Table encourages exploration with 16 “soothing colors” which can be set to change automatically in strobe, flash, fade, or smooth mode. […]

my preschool busy book 2021

HeyKiddo My Preschool Busy Book

Looking for a way to keep your early learner’s hands and mind busy?  Check out the HeyKiddo My Preschool Busy Book!  The newest (2021) edition of this book has 12 colorful themes that are sure to capture your little one’s attention while they work on their motor skills, memorization, and so much more! In addition […]

interACTION board collection airplane panel

InterACTION Board Collection

Yesterday I wrote about the Vecta Corner Mobile Sensory Station, a versatile sensory solution on wheels. Fun and Function offers a way to transform your wall into a bright, colorful, engaging sensory solution: introducing the InterACTION Board Collection! The InterACTION Board Collection consists of two available wall panels that encourage problem-solving through play. In addition […]

mobile sensory station

Vecta Corner Mobile Sensory Station

TFH Special Needs Toys is a company that believes “play is powerful” when developing lifelong learning and living skills.  Since 1983, the company has provided “carefully selected sensory-focused toys and equipment” to help individuals overcome obstacles through play.  Their Vecta Corner Mobile Sensory Station is a very versatile piece of sensory equipment. The Vecta Corner […]

magnetic game of emotions fat brain toys

Magnetic Game of Emotions

Learning emotions can be challenging for children with autism or other special needs.  Fat Brain Toys offers a fun, hands-on solution to help children better identify and understand emotions with the Magnetic Game of Emotions. The Magnetic Game of Emotions features a set of magnets and cards for matching facial expressions with emotions.  Start easy […]