interACTION board collection airplane panel

InterACTION Board Collection

Yesterday I wrote about the Vecta Corner Mobile Sensory Station, a versatile sensory solution on wheels. Fun and Function offers a way to transform your wall into a bright, colorful, engaging sensory solution: introducing the InterACTION Board Collection! The InterACTION Board Collection consists of two available wall panels that encourage problem-solving through play. In addition […]

mobile sensory station

Vecta Corner Mobile Sensory Station

TFH Special Needs Toys is a company that believes “play is powerful” when developing lifelong learning and living skills.  Since 1983, the company has provided “carefully selected sensory-focused toys and equipment” to help individuals overcome obstacles through play.  Their Vecta Corner Mobile Sensory Station is a very versatile piece of sensory equipment. The Vecta Corner […]

magnetic game of emotions fat brain toys

Magnetic Game of Emotions

Learning emotions can be challenging for children with autism or other special needs.  Fat Brain Toys offers a fun, hands-on solution to help children better identify and understand emotions with the Magnetic Game of Emotions. The Magnetic Game of Emotions features a set of magnets and cards for matching facial expressions with emotions.  Start easy […]


Visual Learning through Vizzle

The visual, interactive learning platform, Vizzle, came from the cream of the crop. Created in collaboration with special education experts at the Monarch Center for Autism as well as researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, it’s a top-of-the-line tool from the best in the field of inclusive education. With game-like user profiles […]

Tiimo App for ADHD, autism, and more

For many individuals with ADHD, ADD, autism, and more — they often benefit from structure in their daily lives.  Tiimo is an app that provides visual structure and support in everyday life.  “It’s a solution that combines a calendar, time management, icons, and reminders in one smart digital solution.” After downloading and setting the Tiimo […]

SANHO Dynamic Movement Sensory Sock

Individuals with sensory issues often benefit from fidgets, different lighting solutions, and products like the SANHO Dynamic Movement Sensory Sock.  The SANHO Sensory Sock is “self-calming, balancing, and increases body and spatial awareness.” The manufacturer of this product, SANHO, focuses on creating tools for sensory integration.  The product can benefit individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder […]