Senseez Cushions

There are so many unique products for individuals with special needs.  Senseez is a company offering affordable, unique solutions for many of these individuals, one being the Original Senseez Cushions.  They are colorful, fun-shaped, portable cushions that offer a gentle sensation whenever they’re squeezed or sat on.  In other words, “Senseez eases the senses!” They were developed for […]

AngelSense: GPS tracker for children with special needs

It is essential to know where your child is at all times.  For children with autism or other special needs, this is especially true as they have a tendency to wander more than most children.  AngelSense is a child GPS Tracker and an app for the parent, “designed to create a safe world for children […]

6 Happi Papi Educational Apps

Happi Papi is a company dedicated to developing fun educational apps for children on iOS and Android devices.  The company released its first educational app back in 2011, and has continued providing exciting learning apps for children.  Keep on reading to learn more about the variety of apps available by Happi Papi! Happi Create: Coming […]

Colorino Color Identifier – Light Detector

For individuals who are blind or colorblind, different tasks such as matching clothes, determining the ripeness of fruits and veggies, etc. have proven to be rather difficult.  Colorino Color Identifier-Light Detector is a pocket-sized 2-in-1 unit that not only identifies colors but also detects the presence of light. The Colorino can discern and clearly announce up […]

Circles App for Social Boundaries and Relationships

The Circles App is noted to be an “essential tool for social skills learning, especially for kids, teens, and young adults with special needs, intellectual disabilities, and individuals on the autism spectrum.”  The app uses a colorful, interactive relationship graph to teach many areas of social skills. The ultimate goal of the app is to […]

Octopus by Joy

Children with special needs often require frequent prompting to complete tasks.  I often discuss different smartwatches and other wearables on our blog, but the Octopus by Joy is an all new watch providing many benefits to children with special needs.  Octopus is noted to be training wheels for good habits and is the first “icon-based watch […]